5 Tips to Make the Best Out of Programmatic Ads with a DSP

How to Do the Programmatic Advertising Using DSP Platform

Digital advertising is no longer one of the options of promoting products as well as services locally or globally. It came to be irreplaceable , it’s just a ‘must-do’

You simply want your potential customers to know about your business and online ads definitely give you a broader reach. Programmatic online advertising buying is not an easy mechanism and you would be surprised how many partners are involved in this process.

Fortunately, a diverse range of platform tools come to the rescue to make passing through all stages of digital advertising as simple and intuitive as possible. Dig into this topic and use our professional insights to create your own successful programmatic digital advertising strategy.

What is Programmatic Advertising?

First of all, let’s make sure we are on the same page and that everybody understands this crucial term: programmatic advertising. Programmatic advertising uses special software to allow you to buy digital advertising space in an automated way

Back in the days, separate employees would be responsible for purchasing advertising space. Today, programmatic solutions have replaced human resources. This allowed marketers to utilize automation to reduce costs and increase efficiency of their campaigns. 

Using advanced technical solutions is also necessary when it comes to the number of websites/applications offering ad spaces and clients willing to take advantage of them to promote ads. It saves a lot of time and drives action. 

Programmatic advertising contains a more detailed concept of what is called ‘Real-time bidding‘. It refers to buying and selling ad impressions in real-time virtual auctions. The general understanding of how the process of buying and selling impressions occurs is very useful to make proper investing decisions.

However, you don’t need to care about most of the technical aspects, as technology-driven platforms (like Native Ad networks, Demand-Side Platforms, Supply-Side Platforms, etc.) are in charge of all integrations and are easily available to facilitate participation in the programmatic advertising buying process.

Demand-side Platforms (DSP): The Basics

Demand-side platform (DSP) is a software that allows you to buy and sell inventory (placements on the publisher’s sites/applications) automatically for native, banner, mobile, and video campaigns. This solution gathers traffic from many different providers in one place and allows you to test different traffic sources within the same dashboard.

DSP provides you with a complete solution ready to use. You just have to decide on the offer, location, targeting options, budget –  and you may start promoting your campaigns almost immediately! 

Is a DSP an Adequate Solution for Me?

To answer this question, have a look at the following features and think whether they are crucial to your online business strategy.

DSP platforms are definitely great softwares if you are looking for the following aspects:

  • Efficiency – it doesn’t matter how many different campaigns you want to run or how many ad exchanges you want to target – the management of advertising across diversified inventory is dynamic and well-structured.
  • Self-Service – it gives you huge flexibility but it will also take you some time to get to know  the tool you are planning to use. So don’t be afraid of its complexity – treat it as an opportunity to learn and to utilize all aspects offered by this technology.
  • Automation – Machine learning/Artificial Intelligence are also involved in providing a  quality experience.
  • Advanced Reporting & Metrics – tracking desired results has never been easier. With most of the platforms, you don’t only get real-time data, but also you have a chance to optimize your campaigns on different dimensions. Moreover, the data is totally transparent. Prepare to never be surprised with where the traffic is coming from again!
  • Target Audience –  Content targeting, Whitelists/Blacklists, private marketplaces (PMPs) and retargeting allow you to narrow your targeting down to get well-selected traffic.

The simplicity of workflow makes DSPs a very attractive product for the programmatic media buyers and agencies. If you are interested in comparing different DSP platforms, have a look at our recent article.

Tips on How to Advertise with Programmatic

The following simple words are very significant for planning the advertising master plan.


Think of what you want to achieve with digital activities. Define the budget you are willing to invest. It’s not only about the size of the budget, but also about the way you want to spend it. The low cost of programmatic advertising buying compared to different marketing channels is an enormous benefit for agencies looking for the most effective way of media buying as well as for small businesses with limited marketing budgets.


You cannot count on luck. You need to understand generally how this industry works to be able to make clever decisions at the right moment. This knowledge will be especially useful while using technology-driven platforms to avoid spending money blindly.


Choose the programmatic partners that will help you  grow. It seems obvious, but not all solutions are able to offer a good-quality support that will assist you with your first steps and provide a good piece of advice and performance insights.


Think of what you want to promote. Take into consideration what could grab your target audience’s attention, what could make them want to convert. Create engaging content, catchy messages with relevant headlines and creatives. The user experience should be consistent. Make research on ads of your competitors and try to be one step ahead of them.

Analyze and …. Optimize!

Programmatic advertising helps media buyers to make data-driven decisions. Your further steps should be based on metrics. Track the performance and optimize for better results.

Taking Programmatic to the Next Level

Sounds perfect, does it not?  Do not forget the programmatic digital advertising is within your reach! No one is able to give you a golden solution that is always going to work. However, you can work out your own strategy based on consistent testing of different creative approaches and quick adaptation to dynamic changes of programmatic landscape. So test, be creative, and enjoy your successful campaigns.


The future is definitely bright for programmatic online advertising. What are its indications? Advanced technology including AI, real-time data, transparency, low costs, and the possibility of buying the most relevant targeted impressions. You should follow this wave and dive into programmatic advertising. 

If you are already involved in this trend, it’s a good moment to increase your digital advertising spend with programmatic. A whole spectrum of platforms and tools are available to make your programmatic advertising possible.

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