Everything You Need to Know Before Starting a MyTarget Campaign

Everything You Need to Know Before Starting a MyTarget Campaign

If you’re searching for top-quality native Russian traffic, you’re in the right place! We’ll uncover one of Russia’s largest mobile ad networks by Mail.ru Group: MyTarget. 

With MyTarget, advertisers can place their ads in over 10000 apps that reached over 2 billion downloads in Q2 2020. The most popular ones include Odnoklassniki, Youla, Vidogram, or RIA News. Pretty cool, right? Well, we will make it even better! 

MyTarget is integrated with Voluum DSP, so now it’s at your fingertips. 

We talked to Alexandra Paretskaya, Programmatic Manager at MyTarget to find out everything you should know to make your in-app campaigns go smoothly and reach the desired goals. 

What is MyTarget?

MyTarget is a mobile advertising platform developed by Mail.ru Group, which holds both leading Russian social networks as well as other web projects and apps, reaching 92% of all internet audience in Russia. These projects also account for roughly 20% of total time spent by Russians online, which is estimated at 185 minutes per day on average — and myTarget gives advertisers full access to that audience, targeting ads with pinpoint accuracy and profiting from premium in-app inventory.

What Ad Formats Do You Offer?

At MyTarget we support formats such as rewarded video, banner, fullscreen (both video and static) and most importantly, native. When it comes to native traffic, we offer Static ad format.

The photo shows example of MyTarget ad
Source: MyTarget

Static native ads integrate seamlessly into the mobile app ecosystem and blend in with its features. Such ads are perceived as a welcome suggestion, piece of advice, or idea, creating a highly-effective and non-disruptive user experience. 

What are the Top-Performing Verticals?

At the moment our high-performing verticals and categories include Retail, Games and Social.

What are the Top-Performing GEOs?

We focus on Russia and CIS countries, but we also supply traffic from Tier 1 countries including USA, Canada, European countries, and Asia (especially India and Indonesia).

What are your Main Moderation Rules & Restrictions?

All advertising materials must be in congruence with the law of Russian Federation and Mail.Ru’s advertising policy. On our website you can find the main moderation rules and restrictions. Generally, we don’t allow gambling, tobacco, alcohol and adult content.

From the Perspective of an Advertiser, what are the Three Main Advantages of Buying Native Traffic from MyTarget?

  • Volume – we provide more than 700 mln native requests daily from various geos. Our mobile software development kit or SDK is one of the TOP 20 Largest Mobile SDK Ad Networks. Not to mention our own projects, such as Youla – one of the largest mobile classifieds services in the world (according to AIM Group Marketplaces Report, Vol.20 No.11, May 20).
  • Quality – We care about the quality of our inventory and keep track of all data. You will know exactly where your ad is shown.
  • Safety – our anti-fraud team constantly updates detection algorithms that guarantees elimination of all main types of ad fraud like bots, attribution fraud, or incentive traffic.

What should Every Advertiser Know Before Launching a Native Advertising Campaign?

Every advertiser can be sure that traffic received from myTarget comes from 100% SDK-only direct publishers. And though we are a company based in Russia, traffic we provide comes from all over the world.

Could you Share Some of Your Best Tips & Tricks for Ad Creation and Optimization with us?

  • Remember that ad quality is a direct way to gain user loyalty.
  • Make sure you understand your audience to set up appropriate targeting.
  • Communicate and let us know about your preferences or new campaigns. We are in constant improvement to provide traffic that is a perfect match for your offers.

What Do you Think is The Future of Programmatic Media Buying?

Programmatic media buying has already proven its efficiency and ease of use. This explains its increasing popularity and rapid growth through different countries and ad formats. Over the past year, we have observed the importance of mobile advertising formats grow significantly, which opens up new opportunities for advertisers. Apart from that – transparency, better usage of data, brand safety are the main drivers of programmatic investment.

Buy MyTarget Traffic with Voluum DSP

Ready to start your adventure with MyTarget? In Voluum DSP apart from the audience in Russia, you can reach countries like Belarus, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK or Iran. But not only that! 

As Mail.ru Group is the owner of MyTarget inventory, you get access to extremely unique placements that you can barely buy from other sources. The traffic volumes are constantly growing, external approval is needed only for certain verticals, and your Account Manager is waiting for you with the best insights and optimization tips. 

Don’t forget that running native in-app campaigns is your easiest ticket to passive income. Smaller screens mean better user interaction. In-app ads are ads with better visibility, as nothing distracts the user’s attention. 

Still looking for more information? Check out our website

It’s time to unlock one of the top-converting native Ad Networks with Voluum DSP!

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