How HYPRREV Quadrupled Ad Revenue with Voluum DSP

How HYPRREV Quadrupled Ad Revenue with Voluum DSP

No this is not some kind of clickbait title 😉 We’re sure you, along with the rest of the advertisers out there, are interested in seeing your own revenue tripled, quadrupled, quintupled… You get the point. 

Increased revenue and ROI are always welcome – but how can you, my dear reader, manage to reach these kinds of exponential profits?? 

Well, with a little insight from HYPRREV’s experience with Voluum DSP in this case study, you’ll get a sneak peek!


HYPRREV is a US-based online advertising company specializing in native campaigns. 

They own and operate ecommerce gadget offers. 

Within a little over two years on the market, they’ve managed to expand their team, customer base, and of course the number of campaigns handled. 

Bumps Along the Road…

HYPRREV was growing and succeeding, but as they expanded they faced some problems along the way. And the more HYPRREV grew, the bigger these problems became. 

First off, they were taking a lot of time, effort and expertise to manage traffic from multiple sources, jumping from platform to platform as they worked directly with each, individual traffic source.

They also struggled with finding a user-interface that was clear, convenient and manageable for their team. 

A lack of helpful and available customer support posed another challenge. 

Though they could find ways around these mentioned issues – overwhelming and copious reports however were not so easy to handle. Most ad networks don’t allow you to narrow down your reporting variables enough to get clear, actionable conclusions from your data. And the more HYPRREV wanted to expand, the more these inconvenient reports stood in their way.

But most importantly, HYPRREV was intent on finding a traffic source solution that allowed for auto-optimization. Without this game-changing, time-effort-saving tool, they didn’t even know how much they were missing out on – but HYPRREV did know it was something they needed and decided to find a way to get it.

Finding a Solution with Voluum DSP 

All these issues and more were solved by one straightforward decision: moving their advertising  to Voluum DSP. 

With this tool they got access to over 20 native ad networks, a clean performance-focused dashboard, effective auto-optimization, advanced reports and exceptional customer service all on one platform. 

The 20+ networks offered by Voluum DSP allowed them a whole new range of advertising avenues, where they can “get a good balance between sustainable volume without sacrificing ROI heavily.”

The advanced reporting functionality was one of their most valued upgrades:

Being able to drill into three different dimensions is a game-changer for us.

Matt Walters, Managing Director at HYPRREV

HYPRREV didn’t struggle anymore with a confusing layout thanks to Voluum’s clean and concise UI. They were supported consistently with all of their needs by native advertising experts. 

Before Voluum DSP, they didn’t even think about the harm bot traffic could cause – now, it’s not only on their radar but also, they’re protected against it.

But more than anything else, auto-optimization provided HYPRREV with the most profitable, practical and palpable results of all:

We have had several campaigns explode in terms of profitability thanks to the auto-optimization tool, and the best part is, it is all hands-off for us.

Matt Walters, Managing Director at HYPRREV

Results that Speak for Themselves 

Elaborate praise is always nice, but as affiliate marketers we all know it’s about the dollar in the end. So what does this all mean in terms of concrete numbers?

HYPRREV’s CPA was lowered for all campaigns – using auto-optimization, CPA went from $60 to $50.

And of course, auto-optimization is all completely automated, all you have to do is sit back, “let the data work its magic” and eventually have maximally profitable campaigns. Within just one year of native advertising with Voluum DSP, HYPRREV has shown some incredibly promising numbers. 

HYPRREV was able to quadruple revenue and double ROI with Voluum DSP.

Matt Walters, Managing Director at HYPRREV

But it’s not just about these two statistics – their overall advertising experience is enhanced and alleviated with the innovative features from our platform. Now, with Voluum DSP, HYPRREV can: 

  • Advertise with way more traffic than before. 
  • Collaborate and work more efficiently with Voluum DSP’s user-friendly dashboard.
  • Protect their traffic from bots – something that didn’t even come to mind before.
  • Generate 3 dimensional reports that have become their essential tool for optimization.
  • Set up campaigns effortlessly thanks to “fantastic customer support”.
  • Save time and money with auto-optimization.

After only two years in business, HYPRREV was able to increase ROI by twofold. The secret ingredient: Voluum DSP. So what’re you waiting for?

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