From 9-5 to 1hr/day: How Revenue Tactics streamlined work with Voluum DSP

From 9-5 to 1hr/day: How Revenue Tactics streamlined work with Voluum DSP

Revenue Tactics is an affiliate agency in the Health and Energy industries. 

But what do they have to offer you? The Revenue Tactics story perfectly shows just how much a DSP can boost efficiency. Take a minute to read and learn from them.

We spoke to Tom Bell, CEO of Revenue Tactics, a company which has over 2 decades of experience in the advertising industry.

They advertise affiliate offers, mainly from Clickbank as well as other CPA offers.

While it depends on the niche, they generally advertise for older audiences, particularly from the US.

Working 9-5…. As an Affiliate? 

While Tom Bell and the rest of the Revenue Tactics team was able to enjoy some of the benefits of the affiliate lifestyle – like working from wherever, only needing a laptop – they were still spending hours a day in front of the computer. Working.

That doesn’t sound much like the affiliate lifestyle you’ve heard of or experienced, does it?

Well, while affiliate marketing does take true time and effort – a lot of it depends on the tools you use.

To be truly successful, an affiliate marketer needs to be constantly tracking, analyzing, and optimizing. This can be done manually… and that’s exactly what Tom Bell was spending hours a day doing: 

  • manually recording and calculating campaign data, 
  • comparing test results and data sets, 
  • and managing campaigns in several platforms. 😩😪

The good news? 😮 Tom Bell, along with hundreds of other affiliates, discovered a solution that streamlined all of this and more…

Voluum DSP 😉

Cutting Down Days of Work to Hours 🕗

Voluum DSP enabled Revenue Tactics to condense hours spent switching from platform to platform, counting out conversion data, calculating campaign test comparisons into 😰 ➡️ a few simple clicks. 😁 🎉 

Not only was campaign management streamlined, but also optimization.

✅ With the help of Voluum’s 3-dimensional reports and tracking solutions, Revenue Tactics was able to create a much coherent and accurate optimization strategy with one essential result: higher profits. 🤑🤑

“For us, the reporting tools and ability to create custom drilldown reports is essential to optimising campaigns into profit.”

✅ Plus, optimization was also boosted by Voluum DSP’s easy A / B testing tool. They could figure out the factors that monetize best with zero manual labor or mistakes.

Aside from the centralized advertising management, another time-saver:

Voluum DSP campaign approval times are “much quicker than they had seen anywhere else.”

✅ With only a maximum 5 hour wait, Voluum DSP campaigns are up and running in no time.

And if there was a problem with their campaign, they were notified as soon as it was rejected with an explanation on what to fix.

But one of the most welcome and unexpected advantages of joining Voluum DSP?

The Support team behind it all. 

Revenue Tactics’ Account Manager essentially became part of their money-making strategy. 

I can tell you all day how nice we are 😉 But in the words of Tom Bell, Revenue Tactics CEO:

“The Voluum DSP team is super helpful – my account manager is extremely responsive and goes the extra mile to pull quality whitelists and blacklists for my campaigns.”

Optimization & Efficiency = Streamlined Profits 💰

Voluum DSP has led to huge changes in the way Revenue Tactics operates. 

But don’t take my word for it, read what Tom Bell, CEO, has to say:

“The amount of time and headache I have saved through working with the Voluum DSP is tremendous!”

Everything from traffic sources to affiliate networks to tracking to optimization is all managed within one platform and with just a few clicks. Plus, their dedicated Account Manager helps with anything they are unsure of and boosts profits with exclusive white and blacklists.

After a year with Voluum DSP, the Revenue Tactics team can confidently say that our DSP has been integral to their growth – and most likely will continue to be!

So why not take a few minutes or hours to check out our Demo?

It’s free anyways 😉

Access Demo Today!

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