How to Boost your ROI with Passendo’s premium email inventory – Interview with Head of Exchange & Revenue at Passendo

How to Boost your ROI with Passendo's premium email inventory – Interview with Head of Exchange & Revenue at Passendo

Want to know the secret to boosting your native advertising ROI with Voluum DSP? It’s time to unlock the possibilities of our revenue-driving machine: Passendo, Europe’s leading Ad Network for in-email advertising. 

Native email traffic not only drives extremely high engagement but, most importantly, offers an exclusive way to reach the lucrative audiences of publishers that don’t run programmatic advertising. Not to mention that they help to eliminate impression waste, as the ads are served in real time, only when a user opens the email. 

Sounds pretty awesome, right?

But before we get started, to help you understand the full potential of the Passendo email advertising network, let us quickly explain:

How Does Email Traffic Work?

Well, the process is not as difficult as you may think. There are only three simple steps that happen before the ad is served. Publishers first need to get their readers to subscribe. Then, log into their email account, open up the message, and voila – the ad is served!

How does email traffic work?

Great! Now that you’re familiar with the process, it’s time to step up your game. To help you get going, we spoke to Line Linddal Hansen – Head of Exchange & Revenue at Passendo. 

What is Passendo?

Passendo is an in-email ad serving platform that leads the European market in commercialising newsletter inventory. We are partnered exclusively with some of the world’s largest email publishers and help them activate and optimise incremental revenue, while streamlining operational processes in an untapped, high-quality and existing channel. 

Passendo makes it easy for DSPs and Exchanges to connect their advertisers with publisher audiences and their responsive, exclusive and high-performing inventories. We have a strong focus on local, premium advertisers and agencies.

What Ad Formats do you Offer?

Passendo offers high performing in-email native and display formats, running alongside high-quality editorial content that is sent by premium and trusted publishers from around the world.

Source: Passendo

Why do you Focus on Email?

We all live in an email-driven economy. Email is the largest and oldest digital channel and the gateway that connects us all to our digital lives – but it’s true value is only just being realised. 

With ongoing concerns about privacy and security online, email marketing, and newsletters in particular, have emerged as the way forward with their opt-in consent-driven environment. Control lies with the user, so publishers and media need to work hard to please and keep them by providing a quality experience with everything they send.

What are the Top-Performing GEOs?

At the moment, our top-performing markets are the Nordic countries, the US, the UK and Benelux. Regardless of the market, Passendo works with premium and well-known publishing houses.

What are your Main Moderation Rules & Restrictions?

We are very focused on maintaining our premium edge – both on the supply and demand side – so it is our vision to ensure there is always a match in quality. Based on insights from our direct publisher relations, we know the overall categories they allow and do not allow. In addition to that, publishers have full blocking control and transparency.

From the Perspective of an Advertiser, What are the Three Main Advantages of Buying Native Traffic from Passendo?

1) Passendo is connected with some of the world’s leading email newsletter publishing houses and gives advertisers access to exclusive and high-performing inventories.

2) Passendo gives advertisers access to an untapped, fraud-free and cookieless environment. There are no wasted impressions, with only real users targeted, who have actively chosen to opt-in to a subscription or mailing list.

3) Passendo performs well at every level of the marketing funnel:

  • Top of funnel: Building awareness – tracked with higher website visits
  • Middle of funnel: Growing engagement  – measured in longer time spent
  • Bottom of funnel: Offering conversion – resulting in higher numbers of leads

What Should Every Advertiser Know Before Launching a Native Advertising Campaign?

They should know the power of in-email native ads and why they work so well. All native placements are built to seamlessly match the newsletter’s editorial aesthetics and, in doing so, drive engagement whilst retaining a holistic and quality reader experience. That is why email is such a high-performing channel for every level of the funnel.

Could you Share Some of your Best Tips & Tricks With Us for ad Creation and Optimization?

  • Determine your goal of the campaign (top, middle or bottom of funnel)
  • Understand your target audience
  • Start broad and then narrow in
  • Test and optimize: A/B test different combinations of text and image and go with what works. Keep optimising as you go!
  • Make sure you have detailed tracking set up
  • Use a powerful CTA: Make it clear what the purpose is

What Do you Think the Future of Programmatic Media Buying is?

Programmatic buying will keep growing – and we will see an increasing demand from advertisers who want greater control and transparency that ensures programmatic stays as a trusted channel. Particularly with the removal of third party cookies, from a programmatic in-email perspective, we are already prepared for a cookieless future. 

Advertisers who are already buying email inventory understand that they need to revise their thinking and change how and where they target audiences. Contextual Targeting and a deep knowledge and trust of the inventory and traffic sources you are buying from are both going to be key to moving forward effectively and compliantly.

Buy Passendo Traffic with Voluum DSP

If you’re ready to take your advertising to the next level by delivering ads that are efficient, engaging, and effective, you’re in the right place. 

Voluum DSP is fully integrated with Passendo, which means that fraud-free native email traffic is now within your reach (a perfect match for your US E-commerce offers). 

In case you want to know more about Passendo’s ad inventory and ad requirements check out our website. Also, don’t hesitate to contact your Account Manager to get some optimization tips. Playing around with frequency capping, widget IDs and ad space IDs, can take your native email campaign’s performance to the next level!

No DSP account yet? 

Join Voluum DSP today & multiply the likelihood of your ad attracting conversions!

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