How to Get the Most Out of Your MGID Campaigns – Interview with VP of Sales at MGID

How to Get the Most Out of Your MGID Campaigns – Interview with MGID Expert.

Looking for high-quality native traffic for your ad campaigns? While there are many ad networks around, only a few are worth your time and money. MGID is definitely one of them. Founded in 2008, the company has grown to 750+ employees who operate out of 11 offices worldwide, and partner with clients originating from over 200 countries, while supporting more than 70 different languages. It was the first platform to introduce content discovery through a native widget, and continues to be the top performer in multiple markets across the globe.

We talked to Ivan Doruda, VP of Sales at MGID, to discover what stands behind their success and how you can get the most out of your MGID campaigns. 

What is MGID?

MGID’s native advertising platform directly partners with thousands of premium publishers and provides access to unique global audiences for advertisers. MGID’s technology allows granular targeting and content delivery tailored to the context and individual needs of the audience.

What Ad Formats Do you Offer?

At MGID, we offer a wide range of in-feed and content recommendation widgets. These ad units are customizable to different website designs to blend seamlessly with the surrounding environment and get more users’ attention. Smart Widget, one of the most popular widget formats, can analyze users’ recent activity – what they are reading, browsing, and clicking on – and displays the optimal combination of content. 

In 2020, we launched a brand new widget format – the In-Content Impact widget. Its native design and unique placement grants higher viewability and reach for the ad. The customized call-to-action button also encourages users to interact with the ad and ultimately drives higher CTRs.

Basically, this ad format is ideal for advertisers that want to achieve both branding and performance KPIs.

What are the Top-performing Verticals?

Since the lockdown, there was a spike in e-commerce sales. There was an influx of dropshipping teams as well as e-commerce websites in general. Experienced affiliates can consider this an opportunity to switch from mainstream verticals like Nutra or Dating and try something new.

BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) vertical has been on an upward curve as well. The largest campaigns have been launched with insurance, mortgage, refinance, and debt relief offers, while certified options and crypto offers remain quite popular.

As for other verticals, these are the stats we saw at the end of 2020:

Top Performing Verticals MGID

What are the Top-performing GEOs?

Over the last year, the marketplace dynamic has been favorable for the United States, LATAM, Europe, and APAC. Latin America distinguished itself by its strong growth in traffic and demand, making the region one of MGID’s top priorities. According to statistics for December 2020, we received over 50 million clicks in Latin America, and we will not stop there.

What are your Main Moderation Rules & Restrictions?

Like other networks, MGID has precise moderation rules and restrictions about what is prohibited, restricted, or allowed to run. All of them can be found in our Compliance and Creatives guidelines.

What are the Main Advantages of Buying Native Traffic from MGID?

First of all, native advertising is a cost-effective channel for nearly any type of product and service, not just affiliate offers. Simply put, native is not just about the format. It’s about a tactic to deliver a well-targeted and personalized promotional message to a user in a non-intrusive way. Native advertising serves both branding and performance-oriented objectives. At MGID, we call this approach “brandformance”.

What Should Every Advertiser Know Before Launching a Native Advertising Campaign?

You should never omit the testing phase. Allocate a separate budget for testing which your account manager can advise you on for each geo. This initial step lets you gather the required data to properly optimize a campaign. When scaling, add new campaigns with fresh creatives and new settings, but keep ROI-positive campaigns in rotation.

Could you Share Some of your Best Tips & Tricks for Ad Creation and Optimization?

Cut on stock photos and creatives copied from spy tools. In most cases, they’ve been used too often by too many, and unique fresh creatives perform better. What works in one geo may not work elsewhere, so don’t forget to localize your creatives and take into account subtle differences in social environments and psychology.

Depending on your strategy, you can set up a direct linking ad campaign or a campaign with a landing page. To warm your audience prior to purchase, we would strongly recommend trying out a soft-selling approach when ad creatives transfer to interactive or storytelling landers. 

What Do you Think is the Future of Programmatic Media Buying?

At MGID, we’ve been preparing in advance for a world without personal identifiers. We believe that when properly combined with the first-party data that advertisers and publishers already have, contextual intelligence is just as powerful as third-party data, if not more.

Using AI technology to evaluate the context of ad environments for relevance and brand suitability, it will be possible to build a rich portrait of consumers and effectively reach and engage them in a privacy-first way.

Buy MGID Traffic with Voluum DSP 

If you already have a Voluum DSP account, you’re just one click away from taking advantage of high-performing MGID traffic. One of the biggest benefits is that MGID supports viewable impressions, so advertisers are charged only when a user sees the ad. Plus, the network offers some special deals for high-performing placements like MSN. What’s more, thanks to separate endpoints right from the start, you get the opportunity to decide which part of the traffic is the best choice for your advertising strategy. It makes the review process not only more convenient and simple, but also faster. 

MGID Endpoints - Voluum DSP

If you’re not quite sure which option you should use, the Voluum DSP team of online advertising experts will help you build the best strategy for MGID, reach your KPIs, and achieve the perfect ROI for each and every native ad campaign you run. Not to mention that the platform offers advanced targeting options and super granular reporting that can provide you with a lot of valuable info.

Let the game begin! It’s time to test top-quality MGID traffic with Voluum DSP!

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