How to Monetize Mobile App Traffic Using DSP Mobile Advertising?

In-app traffic monetization

The trends and rapidly changing advertising environment in 2019 showed that 2020 is going to be the era of mobile advertising. In fact, it’s already here. Proof? Easily!

Today, there are more than 3 billion smartphone users. In fact, this number is significantly bigger than that of desktop users. Over 25% of media time and 89% of mobile time are spent in apps according to eMarketer

In 2020, people spend more time on their mobile devices than they do watching TV. That may seem obvious to you,  but it’s still worth mentioning. The average smartphone user checks their device 63 times a day. Mobile users spend 86% of their time on mobile apps compared to 14% on mobile websites.

I can actually go on and on with those stats but let’s just accept the fact that in-app traffic is going to reign in 2020. So let’s concentrate on advantages of in-app advertising and learn how you can benefit from it.

Why is In-App Traffic Cool?

Mobile devices are normally used by just one person. Thus, your targeting will be as granular as it gets. You will be able to tailor your ads according to your audience’s interests, needs, location, etc. Isn’t it one of the most important goals in native advertising?

Today it is easier and more efficient to conduct in-app programmatic ad buying. The ad tech space is evolving rapidly creating better and safer conditions for advertisers. Also, based on our findings, in-app advertising revenue is much higher than the revenue from web advertising.

Apps work faster than mobile websites because they use their own framework that operates way quicker than a javascript code used for mobile websites. I think there’s no need to emphasize the importance of a very quick response. We all hate waiting!

Making Money with In-App

Mobile app monetization is becoming more and more sophisticated and promising. App developers and publishers have introduced many monetization options that are already available for most of the applications. This is your chance.

Creatives for programmatic in-app advertising have much more variety compared to those for desktop ads. Modern technologies allow us to create some unique experiences, bring a sense of novelty, introduce something never-before-seen like interactive ad cards, VR, etc. Can usual desktop apps boast of this? We all know the answer.

With all these potential possibilities, I do recommend diving into this world of in-app advertising. I can actually hint at one very famous and working source that recently appeared in Voluum DSP inventory. 

Let us Introduce Letgo

I think you heard about this app but let me remind you of the key benefits of in-app advertising.

Letgo - now available in Voluum DSP.

What is Letgo App?

Letgo is an app that makes it easier to sell and buy used goods. The marketplace is optimized primarily for smartphones. It uses geolocation to show the most relevant goods to users and contains a chat for connection. Letgo is proved to be the biggest and the fastest growing app to buy and sell locally. 

According to the company’s data, it has over 100 million downloads and 200 million listings of anything like fashion, home goods, electronics, and used cars. Hope you see how much potential there is! 

If you are still not convinced, continue reading and I’ll give some more reasons to run your ads on Letgo.

The image shows an example of the Letgo widget.

Why Letgo In-App Traffic?

Good Reach, Even Better Inventory and the Best Visibility

Let’s imagine you need to sell some used stuff. Would it be a better idea to use a custom app on your phone designed for this solemn purpose or should you spend a lot of time in search for the website that offers the right service? 

As you can tell by the number of downloads, in 99% of cases like this, users prefer using apps. 

That’s why in-app advertising strategy boosts the visibility of your campaigns.

Proved User Engagement

We discussed it already at the beginning of this article: different studies show that mobile users spend much more time on an app compared to a website and are more willing to interact with ads tailored to their needs and interests.

And now think about it: you’d most probably click on an e-com ad promoting watches if you are selling your old ones. Or would you click on a dating ad if you’re selling your ex’s stuff? Most certainly the answer is yes.

Stand Out and Be Visible

Ads in apps don’t attack users from every corner of the screen. For you, as an advertiser, it means less saturation and less competition. This way you have more chances to attract user’s attention. However, still make sure your ad is unique and will make a user click.

Increase your iCTR and Conversion Rates

Remember, we talked about advanced targeting that in-app traffic offers? Just like any other app, Letgo puts functionality in the limelight, making it easy for you to deliver the right ads to the right audience. There will be exactly your audience with the needs that serve your best interest!

Letgo Traffic with Voluum DSP

And just to be sure that you are well-equipped with all the necessary knowledge about Letgo in-app traffic, keep in mind that Voluum DSP has 100M impressions monthly from the US 🇺🇸 and TR 🇹🇷 with top categories like e-com, nutra, casual dating etc. Which means you have a lot of room to scale!

The advantages of in-app advertising are clear. Are you ready to benefit from them? Don’t wait, be at the forefront and win the game with Letgo traffic!

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