Millennials’ Marketing Strategies: What Does Generation Y Expect From Advertisers ?

Millennials’ Marketing Strategies: What Does Generation Y Expect From Advertisers ?

Have you ever asked yourself: are Millennials important to marketers? Did you know that since 2019, they were the largest generation group in the U.S.? 

Take this sentence from research seriously! 

“Doling out nearly $600 billion annually and poised to inherit $30 trillion from their Baby Boomer parents, Millennials now account for 28% of all daily per-person consumer spending—a figure that could rise to 35% by 2030”. 

With such a landscape, it is easy to explain why you should examine the interests of Millennials and their buying habits. Millennials’ market is simply lucrative.

The majority of people born between 1981 and 1996 already hit their major life milestones such as graduating, entering the job market, establishing families or buying their first home. With their unique psychological characteristics, they set new trends. They set the bar for the next generation – Gen Z. They also influence the other generations around them, including their parents, the Baby Boomers, and the workplaces-business segment. In this blog post, we are going to ponder the marketing for Millennials, or so-called Generation Y. 

You see? This is how Millennials surpassed Baby Boomers 💪💪

Millennials Want to Be Treated as “Valuable Customers” 

Whether this happens in-store, online, in social media, or on a call with customer service, Generation Y expects seamless customer experiences. Their loyalty can be earned through splendid and smooth customer service.

Generation Y

It is a generation of well-educated people. 34% of Millennials have a bachelor’s degree or higher. No wonder they are so demanding. Their intelligence drives them to examine things, but also gives them enough self-esteem so that they want to be in the center.  

If you want this type of customer to be loyal, his or her experience must be consistently personalized. To give you an example: Millennials are not so loyal to the brands in comparison to previous generations. More and more people follow brands on social media, mostly to receive cost-savings offers.

They tend to examine things at stores physically, and then they are looking for the best offers online. Millennials read reviews and price comparisons. For them, these are the main factors in decision-making while shopping online. 

So beware!

Take good care of quick response times! …Especially if you run a business on social media channels. Millennials tend to ask questions and send good, as well as, bad reviews openly and publicly. It looks like social media marketing is an unavoidable aspect of a business today. And be prepared for this: 

Take good care of quick response times!

Most Millennials are Tech-Savvy

They grew up with the internet and computers integrated into their lives. Therefore, they developed excellent skills in accessing information. They are active on social networks and engage in different causes. 

Social Media

Millennials spend up to even 211 minutes on their phones daily, only visiting apps! 🤯🤯🤯 In general, average daily screen time is even longer. On the other hand, they use a desktop on average for only 31 minutes per day. 

So, in-app traffic is a very good opportunity for this group of people. But first, you need to pay special attention to their digital experience. 

In 2016 the gap between m-commerce and desktop was immense. Desktop performed twice as good in comparison to mobile traffic, while paradoxically, people spent two-thirds of their online presence on mobile devices. This definitely has vastly changed, thanks to a gradual development of app functionalities.  

How can you make use of VoluumDSP in this case? 

We can provide you with this type of traffic for your native campaigns from our partners, such as: Opera, SmartyAds, Pubnative, Smaato, MyTarget and ImproveDigital. 

In need of more information on this ad format? Learn more here.

Ideal Product for Millennials

As you already know, Generation Y is technology oriented. If you are thinking about a millennial marketing strategy, this is a good starting point. 

90% of Millennials consumers admit that most of the time they have cellphones at their side. Tech gadgets should be on your offer radar. Again, some of those verticals are welcomed in VoluumDSP. We observe that tech gadgets perform well with Passendo, Opera, PowerInbox and ImproveDigital. 

Social and environmental responsibility appeals to Millennial consumers as well. Most people from Generation Y support alternative energy sources and take climate change personally. They are likely to pay more for sustainable options. The environmental-friendliness aspect is crucial for brands. We’ve noticed that campaigns related to saving have their audience in Passendo and Revcontent.

Healthy and convenient food. But these words are still not enough to be millennials keywords. Go for low-fat or high-fiber and also more wholesome: natural, organic, and sustainable. Health related offers fit well to Passendo, Engageya, Pubnative, PowerInbox and ImproveDigital traffic.

Native advertising in VoluumDSP enables you to present your e-commerce offers fully and in a trustworthy way. 

In comparison to traditional advertising, native is perceived as non-intrusive. Native ads resemble standard editorial articles and provide plenty of space for reasoning, listing benefits and providing content that help to sell your offer. 

E-commerce doesn’t have many restrictions, so your offer can be long-lasting. 

Experience-First Trend

Have you noticed the growing popularity of the sharing economy? It allows people to exchange tangible and intangible services and things with one another. 

To give you an example these are the services and companies like Airbnb, BlaBlaCar, Uber, Vinted and many more. They do it at a huge scale.

Acquiring things no longer determines your class or status in life. At least, Millennials don’t seem to care so much about it. They prefer experiencing instead. Consequently, many Millennials rent a flat instead of buying one. The same happens with cars. What’s more, the experience-first trend is contagious, and other generations follow Millennials. So allow them to subscribe or rent. 

But this is also connected with entertainment. In comparison to older generations, Millennials crave experiences, and they cannot get enough of concerts, festivals, performing arts, and themed sports.

So, you should also sell the experience. This can happen, for example, when a consumer can relate to your content in an authentic way. In fact, selling experience is a very complex phenomenon, but it can shape the positive identity of your brand.

Advertising that Appeals to Millennials

If you want to be successful in creating ads for Millennials,  focus on authentic content. This is what drives them to support brands. 

According to SocialMediaToday they mostly rely on the content created by consumers (UCG). Millennials consider user generated content 3X more authentic than brand-created content. 

Influencer marketing is the right place. It is a form of social media marketing, and it involves product placement.

You may also find it interesting that celebrities are actually not that influential. As far as we can consider Millennials honest, 70% of them said that it is social content from friends and family that impacts their purchasing decisions. Meanwhile, only 23% said celebrity influencer content was impactful. 

Traditional advertising may no longer work with them. Thus, influencer marketing makes sense, because Generation Y relies on their peers and content shared on social media.

The truth is that the Millennial generation follows bloggers, vloggers, and YouTube personalities. Product placement in their spaces is a very smart way of winning Millennial’s hearts and minds. Video content is still relevant as well. 

Omnichannel Presence and Advertising 

It is important that advertising to Millennials combines omnichannel and multichannel presence. In perfect scenario, your brand should be present on many various channels. You need to take care of customer experience while switching between those channels, because omnichannel strategy leads to seamless experiences.

Omnichannel presence and advertising

It is a pure struggle for their attention. Millennials are present on multiple devices, and they want to have freedom of choice. 

Omnichannel is mostly about a cohesive customer experience between multiple platforms

To give you a perfect example: a Millennial customer may expect that his or her cart will contain the same items on the phone and desktop platforms, or that the promo code they saw on the Instagram account of their favorite model is valid on the website and in the store. This also applies to Gen Z – as they also expect consistency and seamless customer experience across all channels.

Is Millennial Marketing Still a Mystery to You?

We hope not! 

You already know something about Millennials as customers. If they are your target audience, we hope that you’ve found some valuable tips here that may help you in your marketing campaigns. 

If you are searching for more online presence for your Millennials offers and products, consider joining VoluumDSP. We offer native traffic, which is one of the most effective types of online advertising to Millennials in comparison to banner or push.

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