Scale Native 5x Faster with Voluum DSP – Be Better Case Study

Scale Native 5x Faster with Voluum DSP – Be Better Case Study

Be Better Advertising found Voluum DSP about a year ago – and with it they found their native advertising solutions. 

From better customer support to more scalable campaigns, Be Better reveals how switching to Voluum DSP increased work efficiency in every respect.

Getting to Know Be Better

Be Better Advertising is a US-based online advertising company with a decade of experience in the industry. Their foray into native advertising started four years ago. Be Better mainly deals with advertorials and financial offers for several international markets. 

Growing Pains

As the company became increasingly global however, certain traffic sources were holding them back. 

First off, scaling their growing number of international campaigns was getting harder and harder. Finding the volume per GEO in many platforms wasn’t easy either and hindered their efficiency. 

Not every platform is adapted to more massive scaling of campaigns and buying traffic on a large number of campaigns due to the lack of bulk solutions. Moreover, traffic quality varies from platform to platform, which is why testing multiple traffic sources on many geos at once is so important.

Second, campaigns tended to “burn out quickly” because lots of traffic sources don’t have enough features to manage the flow of traffic. Without essential dayparting and frequency cap controls, Be Better’s valuable traffic was going to waste. 

Third, most traffic sources lack advanced bot detection technology – thus their campaign performance was consistently inhibited by ad fraud

And fourth, insufficient campaign rejection explanations set advertising back. Sometimes Be Better agents would have to wait up to several days, or put hours into hunting down a response from the traffic source, just to get a vague explanation on why their campaign was denied.

Finding a Solution with Voluum DSP

And here’s where Voluum DSP provided the solutions. 

First and foremost, Be Better was drawn in by the ability to buy traffic from multiple sources quickly and easily

They can now create campaigns across multiple traffic sources all within one platform, with the click of a few buttons. Needless to say, this immensely boosts efficiency in the business.

Before VoluumDSP we needed to wait for a few days to get our campaigns approved and still, we only got vague denial reasons. With VoluumDSP we always get our campaigns approved in less than 5 hours with detailed reasoning

Josh Stalets, Owner at Be Better Advertising

Voluum DSP enabled and boosted their international expansion as well; Be Better launched campaigns targeting countries and traffic sources with the highest volume and biggest potential profitability. They could identify volume by GEO for different traffic sources within seconds. 

A Better Business for Be Better

Using Voluum DSP for about a year, Be Better Advertising has managed to save time and vastly improve efficiency. Though they still use other traffic sources, 

Voluum DSP allows them to scale and work 5 times faster

What’s more, they’re now more protected from bots than ever before. With Voluum DSP’s anti-fraud technology and bot auto-detection technology, Be Better campaigns are shielded from invalid traffic.

They use the DSP Traffic Planner on a regular basis to plan campaigns, choosing the optimal traffic source, and targeting options for their offers. Use this tool to create whitelists and blacklists to target specific apps and sites. Also, get a full overview of all available inventory with the daily bid requests in the DSP Traffic Planner. Below is the first step, filling out your targeting criteria; then, you’ll already be able to see the potential number of ad impressions for those criteria.

Voluum DSP Traffic Planner

Moreover, Be Better also values the immediate response provided by Voluum DSP for rejected campaigns; no other traffic source provides that kind of speed or detailed explanations in their approval process. 

For Be Better, partnering with Voluum DSP was a no-brainer. They couldn’t let other platform’s drawbacks limit their growth – so they made the switch to Voluum DSP.

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