Affiliate Marketing Guide to Native Advertising Part 1: How to Do It?

Voluum DSP for native advertising in affiliate marketing

Native is hot right now. You’ve heard about it and even experienced it first hand while browsing the web. It doesn’t matter if you’re completely new to affiliate marketing or if you’re a seasoned affiliate marketer unfamiliar with native advertising. Just trust me when I say that running your affiliate marketing campaigns on native ads with Voluum DSP is your easiest ticket to passive income. 

How? Well, let me explain. 

Why Native Advertising?

It’s effective, period. 

Native advertising can be simply defined as ads that don’t look like ads. For an affiliate with the right targeting, creatives, and landing pages, using seamless advertising is an ideal marketing strategy.

Before I get into the specifics, let’s go through some real-life examples of what to do and what NOT to do with native advertising campaigns.

Native Advertising: Good Examples

Harper Collins used a Buzzfeed listicle headline to keep in line with BuzzFeed’s usual articles. Along with the headline, they used the classic GIF visuals that BuzzFeed users eat up. The time of the article posting was also planned timed well with many school graduations happening in June. 

native ad done right at BuzzFeed


The article’s advertising nature and its connection to Harper Collins as a brand is only mentioned at the top between the headline and the beginning of the post. Most users would ignore this area of the page and direct their attention straight to the beginning of the article anyway.

Now, this is native advertising at its best. Subtle and interesting for the user and 100% user-engagement centered for the advertiser.

The Bad and Shameless Native Advertising Examples

But not all efforts with the native ads are as successful as Harper Lee’s. Just take this digital-ads scandal published on The Atlantic and promoting the Church of Scientology. 

bad example of native ad from The Atlantic


The Atlantic quickly took down the article, but not before many copies were spread by the major news sources like Gawker and Business Insider

Sponsored articles are all over online magazines now. It’s understandable, since paid membership is hard to come by. However, allowing obvious propaganda from a notoriously dangerous cult is a magazine’s shortcut to becoming an unreliable source of information.

As you can imagine, an untrustworthy news source won’t survive long. The Atlantic was mocked endlessly after this unfortunate incident. 

Yet, what’s bad for them is good for us, because we can avoid their mistakes.

Affiliate Marketing Niches

When choosing your niche, it’s always a good idea to either follow your interests and passion or to listen to the people. What do people really want? What sort of services or products are people looking for?

If you’re still researching and about to decide which affiliate marketing business to venture into, I’ve compiled a proven list of affiliate niches that continue to perform well, year after year with Voluum DSP.

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Make sure you read Part 2 of this guide to find out more about the top performing niches in Voluum DSP and best practices for our Advertisers.

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