The Power of a Good Ad Set in Native Advertising Part 2: Creatives

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In the previous part, we covered how to create powerful easy-to-read headlines. So now it’s time to focus on another part of content preparation. I’d say this one is even more creative and interesting. I’m talking, of course, about choosing the images for your native campaigns. 

After all, native advertising is all about attracting potential clients with intriguing and captivating images that will make them click. In order to get clicks, we need to be sure the audience is interested in what you’re about to offer. 

7 ways to start using the best creatives

Here are a few tips to make your native creatives bring more and more clients. You don’t have to apply each of them to all of your campaigns, but testing some of these rules in the future will definitely help you to grow as a native ad professional.

So, what really counts when it comes to making a killer creative?

Quality and correct size

Always aim for the best quality possible. It should be obvious and yet I still encounter native images that look really bad, e.g. with low resolution or strangely cropped. Which leads to another tip: always comply with the sizes required by a native traffic source of your choice. 

Many native programmatic DSPs quite often crop your images automatically to match ad exchange’s size requirements. Sounds like a good thing, right? Wrong! If you didn’t pay enough attention you can be left with something weird or just plain ridiculous. Long story short – always double-check your image size and how it matches your traffic source’s requirements. 

Choose a real photo over an illustration

Authentic and creative content resonates better with native advertising consumers. Just don’t go too overboard. For example, it’s better to choose real-life photos rather than illustrations. Realistic images prove to bring higher CTR.

Go back to black

Opting for black and white images also shows better CTR compared to colour ones. But it’s not set in stone. It doesn’t mean that you should upload black and white images and forget about them. Always keep colour pictures for A/B testing and adjust your creatives when you see a drop in CTR.

P.S. Always run those A/B tests whenever you’re not sure about any element of your campaign. That’s like the digital marketing rule of thumb. 

Show humans and animals

Studies show that consumers tend to react better to the images with a human in them. It’s due to the fact that we associate with a person and their experience rather than with some random objects. 

Try to show genuine emotions on people’s faces. Every element of the image can reveal some precious information about the product or service you’re promoting. So you want to make sure people you choose to show as a part of your campaign convey the right emotion. 

Another example of a well-performing creative for native ads would be pictures featuring animals. They can provide you with a good CTR boost as well. I think there’s no need to explain why. 

“No” to a text, “yes” to a close-up

Images without text perform better. So get rid of those captions and use your writing skills to create a compelling native headline instead.

Also, note that close-ups work better. Especially when you promote a certain product – just focus on the product itself!

Always ask yourself “What do I promote?”

All of the following tips on how to create successful images are great, but don’t let all those suggestions and ideas turn your focus away from your major goal. Your images should correlate to what you’re promoting! Stay true to your content, product, and brand.

Change your creatives regularly

A lot of marketers overlook this tip completely. First, to make your creatives work you need to experiment a lot. Don’t be afraid to try different angles and ideas. Once you find this perfect combination – rejoice! But not for long. 

Don’t sit tight on your success. Keep in mind that native creatives have a tendency of getting worn out quite rapidly. Think about it: will seeing the same image over and over again make you any more interested in the product it offers? To be able to repeatedly grab the audience’s attention the content should be regularly updated. 

Let’s not forget about…

These are the best suggestions on how to make your creatives stand out and bring results in the world of native advertising. But don’t forget that there is no ultimate solution to everybody’s problems. Neither is there a 100%-working hack on how to increase your CTR with the help of native creatives or headlines.

So remember: analyze your data, do A/B testing, update your content, try different angles… In other words – Look after your campaign and your campaign will look after you!

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