Top 5 Reasons You Have to Try Voluum DSP

Top 5 reasons you have to try Voluum DSP

Minimize the risks & maximize your native advertising results – how? 

By testing, optimizing, & scaling your campaigns on multiple ad exchanges

But that’s a lot of time-consuming work and expensive! 😰 … you may say. 

Sure, if you’re working with several traffic sources on different, popular platforms – yeah, it is! 😕 

But if you’ve got everything (and I mean everything!) available on one programmatic advertising platform, it’s fast, cheaper, and easier! … And that’s exactly what Voluum DSP offers! 😊

✅ Have enormous reach from just one ad account with Voluum DSP: over 50 billion ad impressions daily from 200,000+ premium websites & 40,000+ apps. 

✅ With less than 5 hours waiting for the campaign approval process and an automatic explanation of why it may have been rejected, your marketing will be faster and cut out useless time hoping for approval finally. 

✅Voluum DSP boasts fully transparent media buying and brand safety. Our users can easily view available volumes, bid costs, and even the names of relevant sites/apps where your ad will be displayed.

✅ And last but not least: in order to effectively improve, optimize and scale your native advertising (while staying on budget $$$) is with tracking. The good news? Voluum DSP includes industry-leading, award-winning tracking tech so we’ve even got that covered as well.

Interested? There’s no harm in reading more 😉 

Find out why you really do need to at least give Voluum DSP a try…

One: Over 50 Billion Ad Impressions Daily

Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? No single traffic source can offer you that! To reach such numbers you’d have to jump between countless panels and learn how to use them all separately. This requires setting up separate accounts, multiple invoices, and learning how to use other programmatic advertising platforms. It sounds like a big mess… and what’s worse, a huge waste of time.

With Voluum DSP you can easily advertise on over 200,000 websites and 40,000 apps just from one panel! And how about access to premium publishers like the ones below? That’s just the beginning!

Such a large volume may require advanced, flexible targeting options to define and reach the best converting niche for your native and display ads. And here we have a whole range of solutions starting with target settings such as location, Device type, Source type, OS/OS versions, Mobile carriers, Connection Types, IP targeting, and the possibility of targeting selected placements in the form of Whitelists / Blacklists.

Two: Full Transparency & Brand Safety.

Many platforms don’t clearly show available volumes, average bid costs, and – most importantly – exact names of the sites & apps where your ads will be displayed. And this applies at the stage of deciding which traffic source to choose and during optimization, once the traffic has been bought. If you buy traffic blind, you may spend a large part of your budget on low-quality, hidden traffic that will not bring you good performance!

However, you do not have to worry about this when cooperating with platforms that care about data transparency – like Voluum DSP.  You can check all those details in our Traffic Planner tool. This information is already available at the campaign’s planning stage. 

It allows you to not only see the full overview of available premium ad inventory but also learn how to create whitelists and blacklists for targeting specific apps and sites before you even start buying traffic. That sounds like pretty significant savings, right?

Importantly, the availability and transparency of data continue after the traffic is purchased. Extensive, real-time reporting shows you exactly which sites/applications your traffic was bought from. Granular groupings allow you to optimize by exact ad spaces where your ad was displayed (called internally Widget IDs or Ad Space IDs).

Transparent media buying is also evident at the level of prices. Reporting shows the exact eCPM (effective cost per mille) at which you purchased 1000 impressions. Also, other metrics such as Win Rate and View Rate show you the exact percentage of traffic purchased from given placements which allows for more precise optimization. Learn more about this here.

Why is data transparency so important?

We fully understand that brands are putting more and more emphasis on brand safety and want their ads to be displayed only on legitimate websites/applications with proper, matching content.

Therefore, we use technology and manual measures to carry out in-house pre-bid filtering, which gives advertisers the assurance that their ads will not be displayed on sites or applications with strictly prohibited content, i.e. adult, controversial, dangerous, or misleading. 

The same principles apply to the type of advertising we accept. An internal Content Quality Team automatically rejects all advertisements promoting inappropriate content, products, and services. This way you can be sure that your brand will be associated with a legitimate performance advertising environment.

Three: Quick Approvals.

Don’t hold your breath when working directly with traffic sources. Unless you can hold it for days… With Voluum DSP you will get your native campaigns approved & running in less than 5 hours, 7 days a week! 

Additionally, we offer the built-in rejection reason! What exactly does this mean?

We are aware that native ads are becoming more demanding every day which is reflected in increasing ad limitations. In addition, different rules are applied for each traffic source and may have different geo-restrictions. 

It is so important to adjust ad elements (mainly images, headlines) and content on the landing page and offer page to the requirements of individual ad exchanges. If you don’t, your advertising is much more likely to be rejected…

But it won’t be a big problem with our built-in rejection reason system! 

You will not only receive an in-panel communication that your advertisement has been rejected, but also a detailed explanation of your rejection reason with suggestions for possible changes to help your ad gain approval. 

Remember, you do not need to know all this! Our dedicated team places great emphasis on making the approval process as easy as possible for you. If your ad is completely unacceptable on a particular traffic source you will be provided with a list of dedicated traffic recommendations. All traffic provider requirements have been compiled in user-friendly documentation that you can always consult.

Four: Award-Winning Tracking & Reporting

Good luck tracking real-time data from multiple traffic sources independently… If you value your time (and mental health…), we definitely recommend our built-in tracker. It brings all the numbers together and lets you keep an eye both on the tiny details and the big picture.

Voluum DSP’s tracking and optimization features are what sets us apart from the rest. 

Voluum DSP is built upon the Voluum Tracker infrastructure. 

It means that it has access to many advanced functionalities that are characteristic of tracking systems and are not available with other DSP platforms or traffic sources directly. This includes access to cross-group reports, which allow data to be analyzed on a number of selected dimensions or advanced anti-fraud solutions.

The key Voluum DSP reports are in real-time and allow you to react immediately to the performance of campaigns. For other platforms, delays in data transmission reach up to 3-6-12 hours!

Voluum DSP gives you a chance to support your native advertising campaign with our Auto Optimization machine learning algorithm which optimizes your campaigns towards your specified performance goals: iCTR, CPV, CPC, and CPA.

You can also automate your optimization process by setting up the Auto-Pausing rules – and our system starts constantly checking and pausing underperforming elements based on the defined criteria.

Manual optimization is also available. You have easy access to +20 different groupings (eg. Sites, Widget IDs, Ad Space IDs, Apps, OS versions, Browser versions, etc) which allow you to analyze data granularly. Thanks to these results you can pause the campaign and native traffic elements with low effectiveness and adjust the bid per placement.

Our award-winning built-in tracker can result in 18x higher CTRs; optimization is 4 times faster with our whitelisting/blacklisting; get up to 30% more ROI with AI auto-optimization and auto-pausing rules. You won’t find these game-changing benefits in any other traffic source.

If you want to know more about the impact Voluum DSP can have on your campaigns and results check available case studies here.

Five: VIP Support

In most cases, you’ll have to pay extra to receive support directly from a traffic source!

But our self-serve platform provides you with access to a large number of FREE educational materials, including:

  • Comprehensive technical documentation, where you will be able to find the solution to any question regarding the use of the platform and the available functionalities. The documentation also covers the precise guidelines for the first steps on the platform: Getting Started with Voluum DSP.
  • Video tutorials on how to use the Traffic Planner, how to pass successfully through the campaign creation process & how to use our campaign’s reporting.
  • Native Ads Academy course with all the practical tips on how to create, test & optimize native ads.
  • Monthly newsletters with information on what is new on the platform, hot traffic insights, and industry trends.

The above knowledge sources cover all available areas and should be 100% sufficient to allow you to take full advantage of our platform. If you have not found the answer to your question in the documentation, especially payments, and campaign bidding issues, contact our Support Team directly by email: [email protected]

After the test period, if you feel like scaling up your ad operations, investing significantly higher budgets in purchasing native and banner traffic, and declaring ad spending continuity, just let us know.

You can apply for direct contact with a dedicated Account Manager who will fully support your customized ad spend strategy!

And if you’d like assistance on every step and a tailor-made solution for your needs from end-to-end, you can apply our managed service – with a dedicated native ads expert! You can expect our support in the following areas:

  • your media buying strategy,
  • campaign creation process (including targeting and ad elements recommendations),
  • daily ad spend for your KPIs,
  • exclusive, insider deals.

Contact our Sales Team at [email protected] to start the verification process for managed service!

Join Voluum DSP & Enjoy its Full Potential!

To wrap it up – it doesn’t matter if you are just getting started with native advertising or looking for an easier & more effective way to reach your marketing goals, 

Take a look at the following summary of what you can gain by promoting your brand and offers through Voluum DSP. 

Join Voluum DSP & enjoy its full potential!

We hope you already know what you need to do 😉 I’ve got three letters for you:

D, S, P,

Voluum DSP 🙂

Apply for access to our platform today, go through the verification process and let’s scale your native ads together!

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