TOP Mobile Programmatic Platforms: The Comparison Part II – Pocketmath PRO

TOP Mobile Programmatic Platforms: The Comparison. Part II - Pocketmath PRO.

In our previous blog post we pointed out how to cherry-pick a mobile DSP and we dove deeper into the characteristics of InMobi – Mobile In-App Performance Advertising Platform. As promised, we are not stopping there! 

In the second part of Top Mobile Programmatic Platforms Comparison series, we’ll be focusing on the solution offering advertisers a vast audience network to build their own user profiles. If you ever wondered how to reach the most effective audience targeting methods – just keep reading! 

Pocketmath PRO

A Powerful Mobile DSP at its Finest

Pocketmath PRO specializes in delivering performance to mobile marketplaces through advanced technology and partnerships. The platform offers first-party users’ data to use or combine with one’s own knowledge about users online behaviours while running any performance-oriented campaigns.

This self-serve mobile DSP allows brands to reach highly relevant audiences on devices characterized by their wireless connection – e.g.  smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices. Pocketmath PRO owns the world’s fastest bid system as well as the largest audience network

What does this mean in practice for you – the advertiser? Numerous ways to place relevant online messaging in front of your most relevant customers. Please note that Pocketmath PRO is strictly a mobile DSP and doesn’t offer desktop or cross-device functionality. 

Inventory and Reach

Pocketmath PRO offers pretty much everything available on mobile from Static Banners to Rich Media JS and MRAID Ads, Video Ads with VAST, and Native Ads and Rich Media Creative.

As far as campaign creation, Pocketmath PRO lets you select multiple creatives per ad set. When it comes to fraud detection, PocketMath PRO assures in-house solutions monitoring abnormal behavior and viewability feedback.

Their collaboration with Pixelate catches and rejects fraudulent impressions in real-time. On top of that, PocketMath PRO relies on the Integral Ad Science (IAS) to measure ad viewability. 

Targeting, Tracking, and Optimization

Pocketmath PRO enables advertisers to target their audience on both mobile web and mobile applications, letting them use different targeting methods to reach mobile users who may be a competitor’s customers.

Thanks to advanced technology, PocketMath PRO allows its users to reach desired KPI’s both for brand awareness and performance, by providing only highly-relevant customers. It is achieved thanks to the following features: 


The youngest Pocketmath PRO’s feature. Introduced in 2019, AppGraph is PRO’s audience discovery feature. It allows users to narrow down new audiences by providing mobile-app audience insights. This way their clients can target a selected group of certain OS users based on the apps they have on their mobile devices.

On top of that, this feature includes data on competitors’ users, offering advertisers a more direct and adequate way to build audiences and gain market share. Pocketmath Head of Product Nuno Jonet explains:

“Imagine you had access to your competitors’ customers and the extensive data on each customer’s phone? Well, that’s precisely what AppGraph provides for Pocketmath PRO users. By allowing our customers to target audiences based on what apps they have installed, how often they’re opened, and when they were last used, we are enabling our customers with the opportunity to advertise and pitch what makes their app, product or service better to the people most interested.”

Business Wire

Lookalike Targeting

Or building lookalike audiences if you will. Let’s start with explaining what lookalike audiences are. This type of audience includes prospective customers who share a set of similar traits with the customers you already obtained. Similar in terms of age, interests, level of income etc.

Pocketmath PRO lets you use that data to deliver ROI and your campaign’s profitability. 

Granular Data Deep Dive/High Definition Reports

Transparent reporting with CSV reports, returns deep and useful insights on possible bottlenecks that prevent user’s engagement with your ads or the completion of a purchase, thus optimizing the whole campaign flow.

Real-time reporting enables the user to make decisions faster. You can react to a possible ad overspend or take advantage of mobile-focused machine learning technology, allowing you to optimize by making adjustments by app/publisher, time, creative and location based on high-quality insights. 

Multiple Advertiser Support

Allows you to manage multiple advertisers with default event and custom tracking URL endpoints. As far as tracking, Pocketmath PRO accommodates the following:

  • In App: App Install, App Open, Sign Up, Login, Top Up, First Transaction, In-App Purchase.
  • E-Commerce: Subscriptions, Likes, Content View, Sign Up, Login, Add Payment Info, Add to Cart, Checkout, Purchase.
  • Custom: Create events unique to your brand/business to measure your campaigns against it.

Additionally, the platform has partnered with a variety of third-party conversion trackers such as Adjust, AppsFlyer, and Tune to make up for all that may be missing from their own tracking solutions.

Account Management, Tech Support and Easy-to-Navigate Panel

Pocketmath provides real-time, detailed reporting options allowing you to optimize and track your ad spend. Their easy-to-use platform allows you to fully take charge of multiple campaigns run simultaneously and ensures maximum usability through smooth integration of Reporting API. As Pocket math’s PRO FAQ section states:

“When you become one of our clients, our account manager will help you get set up our platform. After you’ve gotten the hang of it, you will run and optimize your own campaigns. We also offer “follow the sun” support: you will enjoy support in whichever part of the world you’re in.”

Pocketmath PRO Website

As for additional support, Pocketmath PRO provides a Step-by-Step Guide along with Knowledge Base articles and videos after you gain access to the platform. There’s also a possibility for the platform’s users to reach the Pocketmath PRO Clients Support team at

Cost and Business Model

Pocketmath PRO offers cost per mille (CPM) bidding plus margin of 20% of the ad spend. The demand-side platform also helps you  avoid runaway spends through budget pacing and pricing optimization through recently developed Bid Price Optimization Algorithm. 

“The algorithm uses machine learning to look at dozens of variables in a user’s historical data for in-app header bidding and first price auctions. From there, it is able to analyze the data to see how each variable has correlated into a user’s ad performance. With the appropriate data in tow, the algorithm finds the perfect combination of variables from previous campaigns in order to best evaluate and submit upcoming bid prices”. 

Pocketmath PRO Blog

Summing-up: Pocketmath PRO is Killing it with…

The largest audience network, Bid Price Optimization Algorithm, Appgraph, Lookalike Targeting, High Definition Reports…

Stay tuned for the third and the last part of Top Mobile Programmatic Platforms Comparison series where we will be more than thrilled to present to you our own native advertising platform to buy, track, and scale your global advertising – Voluum DSP

You can’t miss it! 

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