TOP Mobile Programmatic Platforms: The Comparison Part III – Voluum DSP

TOP Mobile Programmatic Platforms: The Comparison. Part III - Voluum DSP.

Finally, we have come to the end of our TOP Mobile Programmatic Platforms journey (make sure you didn’t miss Part I and Part II!). We tried our best to characterize exceptional platforms for you to choose from or to help initiate your own research for a perfect mobile DSP. 

The true value of any demand-side platform should come from its transparency, capacity to manage lots of ads within one UI, real-time bidding compatibility, tracking and optimisation features, as well as powerful targeting options. In this part, we will take a closer look at our own child  – Voluum DSP

Voluum DSP

Native Ad Platform to Buy, Track, and Scale your Global Advertising

Voluum DSP is a premium media buying platform for performance marketers oriented at delivering best possible payouts to their native campaigns. It is an easy-to-use platform, which distributes the most tailored traffic directly to your performance oriented and brand-awareness campaigns.

Many users voted Voluum DSP interface the best on the market. The system is easy to operate, offers customizable dashboards and custom conversions reports. From the beginning, the platform has been focusing mainly on delivering a huge variety of optimization features, giving you a full transparency and complete control over your ad spend as well as numerous scaling options.  

“Voluum DSP is the future of media buying.  The ability to scale wide, and at the same time drill down into the smallest of segments, is unmatched. In addition to their auto optimization tools, no other platform provides this level of granular campaign management at such a large scale.”

Scott Price, Affiliate Marketer

Inventory and Reach

The platform collaborates with 20+ high-quality supply partners to fulfill the clients’ inventory needs. Voluum DSP connects you to a huge variety of native ad formats characterized by worldwide coverage, the best visibility, and exclusivity.

Advertisers can access +200.000 websites and +40.000 apps with 100.000 ad impressions available per second through high‑performing ad formats such as in-feed, recommended content widgets, and web content feed.

The platform offers exclusive traffic from one of its trusted partners LiveIntent, the top provider of email traffic. With 371,802,273 bid requests available daily in Voluum DSP and more than 10 biggest-volume countries (including United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, and Mexico), advertisers have access to a more precisely targeted and engaged audience.

What’s more, Voluum DSP users can get a hold of premium inventory and target high-quality placements through PMP deals. You will find the following among Voluum DSP’s  aforementioned traffic partners:

Voluum DSP traffic inventory

The  platform strongly focuses on protecting its clients from traffic fraud. The integration with Pixelate allows us to effectively filter out low quality or fraudulent bid requests. Thanks to Pixalate sending datasets with blacklisted metrics to Voluum DSP, the demand-side platform is able to filter out suspicious bid requests before the customers have a chance to bid on them during the auction.  

Apart from Pixelate, Voluum DSP introduced internal human-centered compliance traffic vetting. The team of experts concentrates mainly on anomaly detection (for CPV/iCTR and CPC values), volume fluctuations, inventory reviews and in-house anti-fraud tests with the use of honeypot. 

Last but not least – all DSP users are given access to Anti-Fraud Kit. The feature consists of several tools, aimed at identifying different characteristics and addressing different problems caused by invalid traffic. The solution lets all the advertisers monitor traffic they’re buying. 

Marked as “Suspicious”, the traffic appears in the reporting when any of the preset flags are triggered. This data gathered in such a way can be used as an excellent traffic quality indicator. On top of that, it can also indicate the implementation of various buying strategies on the campaign level.

Targeting, Tracking and Optimization

Voluum DSP offers a broad range of Advanced Targeting options. Within a very intuitive campaign creation form you will find the following: 

  • Geo targeting (Countries, State/Region, City)
  • Inventory Targeting (Ad Exchanges, Source Type, Whitelists/Blacklists)
  • Device Targeting (Device Type, Operating System, Connection Type, Mobile Carriers, IP Targeting)

Tracking goes hand in hand with what Voluum DSP has to offer. This excellent programmatic solution was built on Voluum Tracker Infrastructure, which allows advertisers to seamlessly analyze, optimize and, subsequently, monetize their campaigns. 

That is why just by gaining access to Voluum DSP you’re also gaining access to the tracking solutions Voluum TRK offers, taking your marketing experience to a whole new level. And you know what? Tracking DSP campaigns in Voluum is free of charge!

For those of you who did not have a chance to familiarize yourselves with Voluum ad tracker, let me give a handful of facts about this real-time analytics platform.


  • is a SaaS analytics platform, designed for performance marketers and self-serve advertisers to track the progress and profitability of their online campaigns
  • is powered by its own database technology that enables processing of billions of real-time data requests within the blink of an eye
  • is a cloud-hosted solution, so you can access it with any browser or using our dedicated mobile apps available on Android and iOS
  • ensures high-speed redirects and significantly reduces the risk of click-loss

Real-Time Reporting with a 12 Months Data Retention

You can benefit from the most granular data thanks to real-time reports and a possibility to base your data analysis on  three dimensions, for example: site & widgetID & OS.  That way, you are able to control the traffic stream fully and optimize more effectively. Voluum DSP campaigns reporting consists of: 

  • Creatives
  • Inventory: Sites, Widget IDs, Ad Exchanges, Applications
  • Bid Adjustments
  • Site Content
  • Language
  • GEO: Country, State, Region, City
  • IP
  • Devices: Device Types, Brands, Models
  • OS: OS Versions
  • Browsers: Browser Versions  
  • Day/Hour of the Day
  • Connection: Connection Type, ISP/Carrier, Mobile Carrier 


Voluum DSP’s Micro Bidding lets you edit bid values individually by grouping multiple campaign elements to make extremely glandular bid adjustments. For example, if a creative & headline combination is performing best, you can increase its bid and pause the rest.


Free to use, built-in feature for native ads optimization, where the whole idea is for the customers to set their CTR, CPV, CPC, or CPA goal and let the machine learning algorithm optimize campaigns for them. 

What exactly does it mean for you? Auto-Optimization machine-learning algorithm will identify granular segments responsible for delivering results and decide to bid more on traffic segments deemed as profitable and will drop bids once it’s certain that specific combinations won’t deliver desired results. What’s more, Auto-Optimization feature works on almost 20 dimensions:

  • Bundle/Site
  • Widget ID
  • Ad Exchange ID
  • ISP
  • Connection Type
  • Region
  • City
  • Device Model 
  • OS Version
  • Browser Language
  • Browser Version
  • Hour
  • Country
  • Creative ID

What’s essential for you, is that the algorithm is able to differentiate between traffic responsible for “visits”, “clicks” or “conversions” so you can set the Auto-Optimization feature to favor certain types of user action. If you still want to manually optimize campaigns, our Auto-Optimization feature can work in the background as you pause/adjust your bids.

Full ON Transparency

Even before setting up your first campaign on Voluum DSP, the platform provides you with a lot of useful  information about available bid requests and eCPMs. All data is available in the feature called “DSP Planning Tool”, where users can click thought and crossmatch groupings in order to find well-suited sourcing for their offers.

The  aim of the Planning Tool is not only to see an overview of the available inventory, but also to learn how to create whitelists & blacklists for targeting specific apps and sites.  

24/7 Campaign Approval

Since all exchanges we are integrated with impose certain policies and restrictions on a user, we decided to keep the  approval process in-house and created an internal team of compliance experts to determine whether or not your offer is compliant.

To accelerate customer experience and meet our customers half-way, Voluum DSP delivers campaign approval in less than 5h. You can submit your campaigns and expect them to be approved 24/7. What is more, the platform gives you detailed and thorough explanation as to why the campaign got rejected.  

Account Management, Tech Support, and Easy-to-Navigate Panel

Voluum DSP provides exceptional support from your very first steps on the platform. We’re giving you access to detailed learning materials included in Voluum DSP documentation, step-by-step guides and videos on campaign creation, best practices, optimization tips and sourcing strategies along with simple Advertising Guidelines & Approval Process specs upon registration. 

A dedicated Account Manager will be assigned to you with your first top up to assist you with getting the most out of the platform. Topping up your account with the minimal price also gives you a free onboarding session. Take advantage of it! 

Our team of experts is always there to help you set up, manage, and optimize your campaigns throughout your entire DSP journey. We will also readily provide you with valuable insights about top-performing niches, GEOs, and networks. 

As one of a long-time Voluum DSP customers states: 

“I find our Account Manager from Voluum DSP to be an integral part of our company. I feel as if she is working with us, in my team. In my experience, our profit is directly linked with the customer service we receive from VoluumDSP”. 

Heba Tallah Abouhamd, Media Buyer

Cost and Business Model

As you may remember from our previous post, we operate solely on CPM basis. 

“We buy on CPM model so networks can sell us inventory with less losses rather than selling at CPC and not being able to monetize at the impression level. It’s a good deal for the networks because we can take the fall for paying without performance loss. This is why you have your dedicated AM, and our focus is to help you achieve optimal CTR so that you can translate CPM bids and high CTR to cheaper CPC than you would get by buying directly.”

Wojciech Wątor, Head of Business Development in Voluum DSP

Voluum DSP works on prepayment, so before you start running your campaigns, you need to add funds to your DSP account balance. Remember, you only pay for the traffic you get, there are no hidden costs. The initial top up is $500. Depending on the payment method of your choice, there’s also a service fee to your deposits.

Summing-up: Voluum DSP is Killing it with…

Transparent buying and reporting, advanced tracking options, exceptional support, fast campaign approval, diversified traffic, efficient CPM model… Only to name a few!

Lately, we’ve tried to give you as detailed information about InMobi, PocketMath PRO, and Voluum DSP as possible by pinpointing their strongest sides. Now, it’s time to sum it all up. 

InMobiPocketmath PROVoluum DSP
Inventory and ReachInterstitial, Carousel, Playable Ads, Rich Media, Native, and Video AdsBanner Ads, Rich Media JS and MRAID Ads, Video Ads with VAST, Native AdsBanner Ads, In-Feed, Recommended Content Widgets, Web Comment Feed
Native Ads
Targeting, Tracking, and OptimizationZero-Error Targeting,
Predictive ROI Optimization
Lookalike Targeting,
High Definition Reports
Advanced Targeting,
Anti-Fraud Filtering, 
Built-in Tracking,
Real-time Reporting
Account Management, Tech Support and Easy-to-Navigate PanelKnowledge Base, Blog, Support CenterKnowledge Base, Blog, Support CenterKnowledge Base, Blog, Dedicated Account Manager Support
Cost and Business ModelCPCCPMCPM

Just like in other business areas, if you’re thinking about making the right choices and earning some serious $$$, make sure to do a thorough research of your own before subscribing to any platform. But guess what? You decided to go through this blog post, so you’re doing it already! Keep on going! ☺

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