Voluum DSP meets Verve Group – Interview with Anurag Shekhar

Voluum DSP meets Verve Group

Looking for top-quality in-app mobile traffic? You’re in the right place! It’s high time to present to you the giant of the advertising market – Verve Group, which includes familiar inventory sources in its portfolio that are well-known by Voluum DSP users, including Smaato (which was acquired by Verve Group earlier this year). 

With Verve Group, advertisers can reach over 1.4 billion unique users across  4,000+ publishers. Sounds amazing, right? 

Want to know more? Sure you do! So, let’s take a deep dive into the Verve Group world with Anurag Shekhar Senior Account Manager – Demand at Verve Group.

Which Ad Formats Do You Offer?

Verve Group as an omnichannel ad platform offers different types of advertising formats:

  • Fullscreen Interstitial
  • Display banner
  • Display video
  • Rewarded video
  • Native

We offer these ad formats across all channels: Mobile, desktop, connected TV, and digital out-of-home. 

Verve Group
Source: Verve Group

What Are the Top-Performing Verticals?

Some of our more popular verticals are:

  • Retail
  • CPG (Consumer packaged goods)
  • QSR (Quick service restaurant)
  • Automotive

What Are the Top-Performing GEOs?

The US ranks first followed by India, Japan, Korea and other APAC markets. Verve Group recently acquired Smaato, and we look forward to further growing the market with them!

We’re also seeing momentum in LATAM, as we recently launched operations in Brazil and Colombia. 

What Are Your Main Moderation Rules and Restrictions?

We follow a three-pronged approach: prevention, detection, and reaction

  1. For prevention, we support industry standards such as Sellers.json and app-ads.txt. Our contextual solution adheres to the GARM framework of Brand Safety and identifies 11 segments to ensure brand-safe targeting. We also perform stringent inventory onboarding checks and follow clear content guidelines as well as implement controls for advertisers to add specific inventory to safelists or content categories.
  2. In the detection phase, we leverage third-party vendors such as DoubleVerify and Pixalate to monitor ad and traffic quality.
  3. In terms of reaction, we realize that there’s no substitute for human intelligence. We rely on human intervention to weed out any instances of fraud by performing internal checks on incoming requests to ensure that buyers receive the right data signals.

From the Perspective of an Advertiser, What Are the Three Main Advantages of Buying Native Traffic from Verve Group? 

The user experience on mobile is extremely concentrated and intimate, and it can easily be disrupted by intrusive and poorly-integrated advertising. Disruptive experiences lead to negative connotations. Native helps build that trust with consumers. 

When paired with contextually relevant targeting advertisers, audiences can be reached in an environment which leverages high intent behaviour, such as purchases for example.

Trust the numbers: CTRs of native display ads are up to 8.8x higher than those of standard display ads (Source: AppNexus report), making it a viable option to reach the right audiences.

What should Every Advertiser Know Before Launching a Native Advertising Campaign?

Ideally, native campaigns run seamlessly without advertisers having to worry about any specificities around setup or delivery of assets. Work with a partner who can ensure a smooth process for you.

Programmatically, information passed through the bid stream can help publishers choose the right ads for their native placements. If the goal is to focus on a native ad delivery, provide a variety of banner sizes and try out different messaging on the creatives so that the ads fit into a variety of inventory.

Could You Share some of Your Best Tips & Tricks for Ad Creation and Optimization with Us?

Be aware of your audience OR leverage partners such as Verve Group who can optimize towards outcomes and identify the right audiences for you. Then, adapt your messaging to address your optimal target groups.

In a cookieless and ID-less world, contextual targeting is just as powerful as native advertising. Together, they are a winning duo. Try leveraging both for the best outcomes! 

What Do You Think Is the Future of Programmatic Media Buying?

We are seeing an increase in consolidation and the growth of one-stop-shops for running and monitoring omnichannel digital campaigns, a trend that will continue to gain momentum in the future. 

The market will also move towards concentrating on a few privacy-first audience targeting solutions for different channels, and contextual targeting will be at the forefront for all of them.

We’ll also see an increase in smarter and automated optimization via sophisticated use of machine learning in programmatic advertising, enhancing the way advertisers can reach the right audiences with a privacy-first approach. 

Buy Verve Group Traffic with Voluum DSP

Are you ready to start the adventure with Verve Group? Voluum DSP is fully integrated with both Smaato and Verve Group (formerly PubNative) so you can already start setting up your native ad campaign. 

Smaato, with most volume in the US, Russia, India, Indonesia, and Canada, is a perfect match for your streaming and trading offers. In addition Smaato offers viewable CPM so you pay only for the viewed impressions which guarantees that the ad has been seen by the user. 

And how about Verve Group (formerly PubNative)? Verticals such as automotive and education show amazing performance for our clients, especially in major markets like the US, Canada, Russia, Germany and France.

Voluum DSP gives a helping hand (even more than one) and will provide you with support from our Onboarding team and a dedicated account manager, who can help you take your Pubnative and Smaato campaign to the next level!

Join Voluum DSP today and rock the digital ads world!

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