Voluum DSP vs Top DSPs

Voluum DSP vs Top DSPs

In the previous part, we’ve covered some tips on how to choose a DSP. Now it’s time to have a closer look at Voluum DSP.

How’s Voluum DSP Different from Other DSPs and Ad Networks?

Programmatic advertising buying through Voluum DSP focuses primarily on the following ideas:

  • Fast Campaign Approval
  • Diversified Traffic
  • Efficient CPM Model

Fast Campaign Approval

In Voluum DSP, we handle ad approval in-house 7 days a week. We can often approve campaigns quicker than our competitors. We have compliance agreements with networks so they don’t need to approve our campaigns on their end. And, our in-house compliance team is responsible for ensuring that your ad is following their guidelines.

Diversified Traffic

The idea is to offer a scalable traffic in all top-performing native formats: email, sponsored, in-feed, in-widget, and in-banner from all over the world. Detailed information on our Supply Partners can be found in the following paragraph.

One thing to remember is that the traffic is not 100% the same. In Voluum DSP, you can buy some widgets that would not be available directly using Ad Networks. The truth is – it also works vice versa – some widgets may not be available to buy programmatically through DSPs.

Efficient CPM Model

We buy on CPM model. This way networks can sell us the inventory with lower costs, rather than selling at CPC and not monetize at the impression level. It’s a good deal for them because we can take the fall for paying without performance. 

Our focus is to help you achieve optimal CTR so that you can translate CPM bids + high CTR to cheaper CPC than you would get by buying directly.

In Voluum DSP, we focus on how your campaigns perform and are optimized more than CPC networks might because we focus on the end-to-end campaign performance at the impression level.

Voluum DSP vs Other DSPs – Comparison

To help you make the right decision, we’ve prepared a table with a demand-side platform comparison. We’ve picked 3 platforms that are frequently used by our Advertisers.

ZemantaEarnifyEPOMVoluum DSP
Inventory35+ Social,
native, mobile, & discovery networks
Native & push networksDisplay, native, video & pop+25 Display, native & email traffic networks
Approval time24+
Up to 3
Less than
12 hours
TargetingDevice type
Device model Language
Device type
OS version
Mobile carrier
Content category
Widget ID
Reporting & TrackingAdobe analytics API performance tracking
Google analytics API reports
Real-time reportingBuilt-in dashboardReal-time,
built-in tracking solution
Bid modifier
Campaign budget optimization
Bid modifier
Campaign budget optimization
Bidding autopilotCustom bidding
Bulk pausing

Voluum DSP Overview

Voluum DSP is integrated with more than 25 top native and display supply-side platforms and mobile ad exchanges. The native ad platform offers global traffic for both performance-oriented and brand-awareness campaigns.

Voluum DSP offers a variety of exclusive native ad formats, including email traffic and classic in-feed units. Advertisers can access 200.000+ websites and 40.000+ apps with 100.000 ad impressions available per second.

If you want to get to know our Supply Partners better, check out this page.

Voluum DSP Native and Display Inventory

Transparent Buying & Targeting

Before Advertisers run campaigns they can see the placements along with bid requests and eCPMs. To see the available volumes and prices, Advertisers can use all these filters:

  • Ad Exchange
  • Ad Type
  • Browser
  • Browser Version
  • Connection Type
  • Source type
  • City
  • Region
  • Country
  • Placement Name
  • Creative Size
  • Device brand
  • Device Model
  • Device Type
  • ISP
  • Mobile Carrier
  • OS
  • OS Version

Voluum provides Advertisers with a wide variety of targeting options, for example: city, state, region, OS, and carriers. It’s also possible to target selected placements (websites, apps, or Widget IDs) using a whitelist feature.

Tracking & Technology

Tracking DSP campaigns in Voluum is free. Voluum DSP is built on the infrastructure of Voluum Tracker. Thanks to real-time reports based on three dimensions such as site & widgetID & OS, advertisers can have a better control over their traffic stream and optimize more effectively.

All traffic is filtered by a 3rd party solution on a pre-bid level so before a campaign is able to buy any traffic. On top of that, Voluum offers its own solution to the problem of invalid traffic – Anti-Fraud Kid. It includes several tools for identifying various characteristics and addressing problems caused by fraudulent or invalid traffic.

As you already know, to make good money a native campaign needs to be optimized. Our DSP helps advertisers easily optimize their digital campaigns using:

  • Micro Bidding & Bulk-Pausing 
  • Auto-Optimization & Auto-Rules
  • Language & Content Targeting

DSP Digital Marketing Cost

Voluum DSP works on a prepayment basis and the initial deposit is $500. The bid price includes the margin, so advertisers only pay for the traffic they buy. There’s no extra or hidden cost for you.

When you top up your account with the minimal price, you’ll get your dedicated Account Manager who will help you decide on suitable Ad Exchanges. With their help, you will definitely get the most out of the platform.

With your first top-up, you’ll be given a free onboarding session and all the important learning materials. And if that wasn’t enough, you are always welcome to check in with your AM, if there are any private deals, whitelists or blacklists available for your traffic.  

So even if you’re just starting your adventures with native advertisements – there’s nothing to worry about. Our Account Managers got your back.

Many digital agencies are happy to let our experts manage their media buying on the DSP, as we know that in this business, time and money is all that matters. You can use the platform as a self-service DSP or request a managed service. The plans are available here

If you can’t afford a managed service, there’s nothing to be worried about – you will be given a demo along with video tutorials. You will see that the panel is easy to navigate and the features are not as complex as you think. Also, you can sign up for our free live webinars to get to know the platform better and ask a question to one of our ad-ops experts.

Create Free Account

Final Thoughts

It’s always a good idea to start with a little research before subscribing to any platform. If you’re new to all of this – ask your friends, visit some forums, put some effort into your planning. If you are an experienced media buyer – make a list of your most-wanted features and problems you need to solve, and choose a solution that fits your needs best.

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