How ClickLogiq is Leveraging VoluumDSP to Grow Their Business

Case study

In this case study, you will

  • Learn about ClickLogiq, and their business needs
  • Find out why ClickLogiq uses VoluumDSP
  • Study how ClickLogiq runs its business using VoluumDSP
  • Discover what role customer service provided by VoluumDSP plays in ClickLogiq business
We spoke with
Hagi Klein

Hagi Klein

Media Team Leader at ClickLogiq

Who is ClickLogiq

Founded in 2014, ClickLogiq has grown at the speed of light into a global leader of online performance-marketing solutions. Successful and profitable, ClickLogiq now services multiple global financial related brands.

They cooperate with several DSP platforms, however, they have chosen VoluumDSP as one of their main partners.

Why ClickLogiq Trusted VoluumDSP

ClickLogiq was one of the first clients of VoluumDSP who has now been using the platform for almost 3 years.

Our fruitful cooperation with Voluum family started years ago. We first used Voluum Tracker and then when VoluumDSP was released we jumped right in and began testing it. We knew that these guys have tremendous knowledge of the market and using DSPs to buy media is the future and the only way to go.

ClickLogiq Wanted Quality and Scale

ClickLogiq, like many media buying agencies, requires not just high-quality traffic, but the ability to buy high quantities.

We can buy high-quality traffic and that’s what we value the most while working with VoluumDSP. We have access to many premium publishers.

Voluum has traffic from more than 30 premium ad exchanges which give you access to audiences from over 200 countries.

You can buy native traffic from top traffic sources like Taboola, Outbrain, Adthink, LiveIntent, Nativo and Revcontent to name a few, all in one platform. You have access to 7 billion ad requests daily.

VoluumDSP allows us to be exposed to many ad exchanges and
we do not have to create direct connections with them. Getting the IO is a long term-process and here we have access
to all of them in a short, easy way.


Unique Features in VoluumDSP – the Irresistible Benefit

In Voluum DSP you have access to features like Auto-Optimization or Rule-Based Optimization – created solely for the purpose of solving your media buying related problems.

We saw that the optimization process is more accurate on VoluumDSP because they have some features that the direct traffic sources don’t have.

Support No Money Can Buy

45% of native media buying agencies said support was among top priorities for them in choosing a DSP. ClickLogiq was no different and customer support is a large factor in why they continue to use Voluum DSP.

The support we get from our account manager is great, we love working with her. She takes care of our account, informs us about new opportunities, guides us on complex compliance policies. She helps us with optimization which is a real time-saver and…money-saver! The close cooperation and easy accessibility of our account manager are very important to us.

You can consult your strategy and receive insights from our internal experts. They have a comprehensive knowledge of the platform and the industry.

How ClickLogiq Works with VoluumDSP

Normally, ClickLogiq manages its campaigns on its own, with the support of a VoluumDSP account manager. However, they have also used our Managed Service.

At the end of 2018, we really needed a media buyer because of the intimate understanding of the VoluumDSP’s inventory he provided. We ran many more campaigns back then. He saved us time and we were happy about the results we got.

Tracking and Ad-Fraud – Have It Under Control

You can track, manage, and optimize all your VoluumDSP’s campaigns for free with the most sophisticated tracker out there.

Also, you get access to the advanced anti-fraud processes: Pixalate pre-bid filtering, in-house black-lists, Anti-Fraud Kit metrics for bot detection enriched with Honeypot powered by Voluum Tracker.

I believe in this product and I hope it will grow further. We have
been with VoluumDSP from the very beginning and see certain
advantages over competitors. We appreciate having access to
Voluum Tracker and bot-filtering solutions.


Summary – Time to Use VoluumDSP

The fruitful cooperation between ClickLogiq and VoluumDSP started in 2016, allowing them to focus on what they do best, namely media buying.

  • ClickLogiq continues its partnership with VoluumDSP as it provides large volumes of high-quality traffic.
  • They benefit from the ability to buy traffic from 30+ ad exchanges in one place.
  • They saved a lot of time by not having to grow direct relationships with ad exchanges.
  • ClickLogiq leveraged to its advantage: Auto-Optimization, Rule-Based Optimization, access to Voluum Tracker, and Anti-Fraud solutions.
  • They saved time and money thanks to exquisite customer care provided by VoluumDSP.

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