How Auto-Optimization Decreased eCPA by 37%

Case study

In this case study, you will

  • Learn how ITF managed to decrease their eCPA by 37% for a CPA campaign
  • See how ITF increased conversions by 400%
  • Discover how much time per week you can save thanks to the Auto-Optimization feature
We spoke with
Heba Tallah Abouhamd

Heba Tallah Abouhamd

Media Buyer at Imagine The Future

Who is ITF?

Imagine The Future is an interactive advertising agency that has been operating since 2014. ITF operates in 36 markets worldwide and provides advanced services in performance marketing.

How ITF Decreased eCPA Automatically

Like most media buyers, ITF places the highest importance on the performance of their campaigns. They face the same challenges as the entire industry, namely unstable performance, traffic fluctuations and quickly changing traffic prices.

To address these issues, they decided to use the Auto-Optimization feature provided by Voluum DSP – Native Ads Demand Side Platform. This technology uses a machine-learning algorithm that adjusts your bidding strategy in real-time.

Case 1 – 37% Decrease in eCPA Due to Auto-Optimization


  • Campaign Vertical: Personal Finance
  • Country: Portugal
  • CPA goal: $10
  • Auto-Bid Optimization enabled: March 20
  • Date range: 6 weeks

The influence of Auto-Optimization on eCPA


  • eCPA decreased by 37% after turning on Auto-Bid Optimization.
  • eCPA started going down immediately after Auto-Bid Optimization was enabled. The goal of $10 eCPA was reached.
  • During the lifetime of this campaign, no major manual adjustments were done to reach the goal

How it was done

The auto-optimization model identified the best performing segments: sites, OS versions, browser versions. Conversions came from sites related to the senior audience – characterised by older OS versions and browsers.

Case 2 – The Influence of Auto-Optimization on iCTR: 42% Increase


  • Campaign Vertical: Health and Beauty
  • Country: Portugal
  • iCTR goal: 0.8%
  • Auto-Bid Optimization enabled: March 21
  • Date range: 5 weeks

The influance of Auto-Optimization on iCTR

The inluence of Auto-Optimization on the number of conversions


  • iCTR (visit to impression ratio) increased over time by 42% after enabling Auto-Bid Optimization.
  • The target iCTR of 0.8% was reached.
  • The higher iCTR resulted in a better performance of the campaign. The weekly average number of conversions increased over time by 400%.
  • Manual campaign changes were not needed to reach the target iCTR

How it was done

The Auto-optimization model was created based on the following segments: widgets, browser, hour of day and region.

The model focused on selected hours during the day when websites had higher and more engaged audience.

60% of Campaigns Are on Auto-Optimization

Since its introduction, Auto-Optimization has been widely adopted:

  • 70% of ITF campaigns run on Auto-Optimization.
  • Over 60% of all campaigns at VoluumDSP are currently using Auto-Optimization.

The Best Support on Earth

Effective customer service can largely contribute to your media buying success.

That’s why in VoluumDSP your account manager provides you with valuable insights, campaign approval assistance, tips and best practices, and also navigates you through the platform.

I find our Account Manager from VoluumDSP to be an integral part of our company. I feel as if she is working with us, in my team. We don’t always achieve what we want but the level of customer service is very satisfying. In my experience, our profit is directly linked with the customer service we receive from VoluumDSP.

Account Manager’s daily assistance allows ITF to:

  • Pick the best performing traffic sources for their campaign.
  • Get fast campaign approval for each ad exchange.
  • Wisely allocate their budget.
  • Save time on the optimization process.


Auto-Bid Optimization by VoluumDSP succeeded in decreasing the eCPA by 37% for a CPA campaign. A second campaign saw an increase of iCTR by 42% and the weekly average number of conversions increased by 400%.

It’s important to highlight that for both campaigns no major manual adjustments were needed to reach the set goals.

Customer service is another contributing factor that increases the profit that ITF is making via VoluumDSP and helps to build a successful campaign strategy.

Fast communication and the level of insights that are being provided to ITF increase their performance and save them approximately 4 hours per week.

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