Voluum DSP
Verizon Media

Direct traffic

Access to traffic directly from publishers.

Multiple networks on one platform

You are able to buy traffic from numerous partners.

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Cost model

This is how you pay for the traffic you buy.

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Account management

Get the full support of a dedicated Account Manager when scaling up your advertising significantly.

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Campaign approval time

How much time it takes to get your campaigns approved.

Up to 5h
4-5 days


Ads that match the look, feel and function of the place where they appear.


Banner ads or other ad formats made of text, images, flash, video, or audio.


Short-form notifications that appear on users computer or mobile phone.



You get notified when a specific event happens.


Set up automatic rules that work 24/7 and will pause sources which do not meet your KPIs.

Creative bulk upload

Fast ad creation thanks to bulk uploading of the creatives.

Content targeting

Targeting that allows the display of the relevant ad, on the right page, at the right time.

Interest targeting

Targeting people based on their personal interests. Your campaign will only reach people who are really interested in the offer/topic.


Target users based on their previous online actions.

Real-time reporting

Access to live data and reports.

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Whitelist / Blacklist support

Create your own lists of placements that you want to target in your campaign funnel and that you choose to exclude from your campaign funnel.

Bot auto-detection

Detect invalid traffic even more accurately and learn where it came from.


A feature that automatically optimizes your campaigns towards your specified performance goals, allowing you to easily reach your KPIs.



Invite other users to collaborate with each other in one account.

Reporting API

Manage entities and generate reports using REST API.

Mobile app

Monitor your campaigns’ performance on the go.

Custom conversion tracking

Track additional actions users take throughout their customer lifecycle.

Voluum tracker integration

Access to cloud-based affiliate tracker with built-in optimization tools.



Stay up-to-date with the online advertising industry news.


Take part in live webinars with the Q&A sessions.


Access the platform's documentation to master your skills and make your campaigns even more profitable.

Video tutorials

Watch short and insightful videos to learn about the platform.

Comparison based on publicly available data as of October 10, 2019

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