Voluum DSP Glossary Landing page

Landing Page explained

A landing page is a standalone landing page that is displayed before an offer page and its goal is to present additional content related to the offer.

What is a landing page

Landing pages are those pages that visitors ‘land’ on once they’ve clicked on an ad. It’s not only their position in the campaign funnel that makes landing pages, it’s also their design.

While most web pages encourage exploration, landing pages are more purposefully designed. Their main goal is to provoke a certain action from a visitor, namely clicking the CTA link or button. 

Landing pages can be long, scrollable, contain a lot of texts and images, but usually they contain a link or links to only one place – an offer page.

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Benefits of Landing Pages

Although it may seem counterintuitive to put an additional step between an ad and an offer, landing pages have been proven to drastically increase conversion rates.

The reason is that most visitors that have clicked an ad are not ready to take your offer yet. They may have some questions or doubts, they may need further explanation of what the product is and what its benefits are.

Landing pages provide an additional space for creatives, text or videos that are designed to counter any objections and incentivise taking the offer.

Alternatively, landing pages can also provide links for offers other than the one that made them click. If you judge your audience correctly, you can monetize a part of your traffic that would normally simply bounce away from your page.

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What Landing Page Should Have

Landing pages should contain the following elements:

  • Catchy headline
  • Clear and visible CTA
  • Convincing copy
  • Attractive images

Each landing page should be designed with consistency in mind. It has to be similar in terms of the message and design with your ad and an offer page to avoid the feeling of detachment and being out of place.

How to Create a Landing Page

There are several ways to make a landing page. Sometimes offers already have their landing pages prepared by offer owners. In other cases, you have to get it on your own.

If you have web developing skills, you can create one by yourself. If you don’t, you can go with one of many landing page builders that offer easy-to-use editors and templates that will allow you to design a beautiful page in minutes. Alternatively, you can hire a web developer.If you have no idea what your landing page should look like, you can use  a spy tool to look at other ad campaigns and get inspired by those. Read More.

How to improve your landing page’s CTR?

CTR is a measurement of the attractiveness of your landing page. The better it is, the more people will click further. To make that happen, follow these tricks:

  • Include social proof, like reviews and testimonials
  • Make sure your landing page loads fast and is displayed in a visitor’s native language with no errors.
  • Put the CTA above the fold, so visitors don’t have to scroll to click it.
  • A/B test different variations of a landing page to see what works best

Can You Run a Campaign Without a Landing Page?

Some ad types do not require a landing page. For example, pop ads work well with just direct linking from an ad to an offer. However, with native ads, a landing page is a must.