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Native Content Recommendations

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What are Native Content Recommendations?

Also known as Content Discovery Ads or Content Recommendation Widgets. Such ads are displayed alongside other editorial and paid content, cleverly imitating real referrals from a webpage. The widgets are usually labelled as “recommended for you”, “you also might like”, “you might have missed” or “from around the web”. Content Recommendations offer a huge scale for marketers and provide high credibility.

Benefits of Native Content Recommendations

  • More trustworthy than search & social advertising
  • Engaging, informative, and relevant
  • AdBlock-friendly
  • High conversion rates and low costs per conversion
  • Perfect for engaging Millennials

Content Recommendations Native Ads Best Practices

Stay Creative

Make sure your creatives fit the publisher’s culture & style. Get inspired by the most catchy ads already published there, and design your own.

Match Length & Resolution Requirements

Most ad exchanges creative requirements are: headline length - 25 characters max, main image resolution - 1200x627px, and icon image - 100x100 px. But it’s always better to double-check.

Gather data & run tests

The more you know about your ads’ performance - the higher the chances you’ll succeed as an advertiser. Gather as much data as possible and try different angles with your creatives.

Optimize your ads

Use the data to your advantage: create white/blacklists to find the best-performing segments, implement all the necessary changes based on your findings, automate where possible.

The best verticals for Native Content Recommendations

Shopping & Retail


Health & Beauty

Real Estate


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