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Native Email Widgets

Boost your Advertising Strategy with this Top-Quality Ad Format

Want to know the secret to boosting your Native advertising ROI? It’s time to take advantage of Email Native Widgets and multiply the likelihood of your ad attracting conversions. Join Voluum DSP today!

What are Native Email Widgets?

Email Widgets fit seamlessly into the content promoted by the publisher's email newsletters. Such format eliminates the impression waste, as the ad is served only when a user opens the email. What is more, users can interact with the content in the message, save it, or forward to friends or relatives. Email Widgets significantly increase the chances of a conversion and the highest possible ROI.

Benefits of Native Email Widgets

  • Fraud-free environment
  • AdBlock-friendly
  • No wasted impressions, ad is only served when a user opens the email
  • Limited ad slots
  • Provide high credibility
  • Exclusive way to reach the audiences of the publishers that don’t run programmatic advertising
  • Drive high engagement and conversion rates

Native Email ads Best practices

Adjust for Devices Used

Your ad can be perceived differently depending on the type of the devices your target audience is using. Analyze your data and make sure your ad looks equally good for any kind of the device.

Invest in your creatives

You want your creatives to match the emails’ structure, tone, & design. Show your creative side.

Update Your Ads Frequently

Try adding new images & headlines to existing ad campaigns, it may improve the performance of your native ads.

Test & Optimize

Perform A/B tests, create white and blacklists to segment your audience, and adjust your campaigns accordingly.

The best verticals for Native Email Widgets


Health & Beauty

Food & Drink



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Efficient CPM Model

Our cost model allows you to translate CPM bids and high CTR to cheaper CPC.

Transparent Buying & Targeting

With us, you’ll be able to see all the available volumes, placements, together with average win prices CPM.

Advanced built-in tracking software

We work with state-of-the-art technology including: Built-in Tracking Software, Real-Time Reporting, Advanced Targeting, Anti-Fraud Filtering, Full Transparency, Ultra Fast Campaign Approval, as well as Optimization Functionalities.

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