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In-App Native Ads

Discover this High-Engaging Ad Format with Voluum DSP

In-App Native Ads are a great example of the native ad format offering a flexible way to drive engagement & scale your in-app campaigns. Don’t wait any longer, sign up to Voluum DSP and boost your ROI now!

What are In-App Native Ads?

In-App Native Ads integrate seamlessly into the mobile app ecosystem and blend in with its features. Such ads are perceived as a welcome suggestion, advice, or idea, creating a highly-effective and non-disruptive user experience. Without a doubt, In-App Native Advertising not only allows advertisers to reach consumers with pinpoint accuracy, but it is also the best fighter against ad fatigue.

Benefits of In-App Native Ads

  • Unobtrusive, provide a better user experience and higher credibility
  • Memorable & visually appealing, effective for driving action
  • AdBlock-friendly
  • Provide higher degree of precision
  • Drive high performance - boost iCTR and maximize ROI

In-App Native Ads Best practices

Be Creative & Flexible

Make sure your copy fits publisher’s culture & style. Scan for the most eye-catching creatives and use them for the inspiration of your own ad.

Update Frequently

Now that you’ve let your creative juices flow - don’t stop. Make sure your ad creatives are up-to-date. New images & headlines can boost the performance of your native ads.

Size & Length Matter

Most ad exchanges will accept a creative with a max. headline length of 25 characters, main image resolution of 1200x627px, and icon image of 100x100 px. But it’s always better to double-check.

Test Dynamic Macros

Personalized content always performs better. Try to apply the dynamic macros to your headlines and see what copy works best.

A/B Test & Optimize

Run tests, use white and blacklists to find the high performing segments, and implement all the necessary changes based on your findings.

The best verticals for In-App Native Ads

Shopping & Retail

Apps & Games


Health & Beauty


Why choose Voluum DSP

High Quality Scalable & Diversified Traffic

Access TOP publishers from all over the world with 20+ Native Networks for both performance-oriented and brand-awareness campaigns.

Efficient CPM Model

Translate CPM bids and high CTR to cheaper CPC than you would get by buying directly.

Transparent Buying & Targeting

Check the available volumes, placements, together with average win prices CPM before running a campaign.

Advanced Tracking & Technology

Leverage a variety of state-of-the-art features like: Built-in Tracking Software, Real-Time Reporting, Advanced Targeting, Anti-Fraud Filtering, Full Transparency, Ultra Fast Campaign Approval, and Optimization Functionalities.

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