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In-Feed Native Ads

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What are In-Feed Native Ads?

In-Feed Native Advertising is definitely the best-known type of native ads. Such ads are placed in articles and content feeds. As their layout matches the surrounding of the site design, they don't disrupt the user experience, but allow readers to consult them naturally and with little effort. In fact, In-Feed Native Ads are more likely to generate engagement and drive higher sales.

Benefits of In-Feed Native Ads

  • Unobtrusive, provide a better user experience and higher credibility
  • Perfect for mobile devices and smaller screens
  • Highly customizable
  • AdBlock-friendly
  • Drive high performance - boost iCTR and conversion rates

In-Feed Native Ads Best practices

Adjust & Be Creative

Tailor your ad copy to publisher’s culture & design. Look for the most vivid creatives and try to come up with something as eye-catching as those.

Find the Right Size & Length

Creative with a headline length max. 25 characters, main image 1200x627px and icon image 100x100 px, will work in 80% of Ad Exchanges.

Test Dynamic Macros

People prefer to see more personal content, so try to apply the dynamic macros in your headlines and check the results.

Update Frequently

Adding new images & headlines can bolster the performance of your native ads.

Discover the Device Use

Your ad can be perceived in various ways depending on which devices your target is using. Analyze your data & target specific device types.

Test & Optimize

Perform A/B test, apply white and blacklists to find the high performing segments.

The best verticals for In-Feed Native Ads


Health & Fitness




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