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Twitter company, a programmatic ad exchange bringing together mobile app publishers


Native advertising platform with over one billion relevant users across premium publishers


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MarTech Platform designed to reach incremental audiences through effective growth via email channel


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Improve Digital
Improve Digital

Technology that makes advertising marketplaces possible


An advertising platform providing high-performing Russian Native traffic.


Adthink offers a full line of smart performance digital advertising services and a vast range of premium European web publishers.


Full-stack programmatic adtech solutions for all market players


AdNow is a native advertising network, connected with more than 180 000 partners, including webmasters, digital agencies, ad networks, digital security providers, etc.


Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about native and display advertising.

Voluum DSP Traffic Sources Questions

Do I have to subscribe to each traffic source in order to use Voluum DSP?

No, you don’t! Voluum DSP is a platform that enables advertisers to purchase native and display traffic from multiple networks in one place. All you need to do is to sign up for Voluum DSP and you’ll be given access to all ad networks that we’re integrated with.

What are the advantages of using DSP over direct suppliers?

With Voluum DSP you can manage ad inventory from multiple direct traffic sources through a single interface. It gives you a great overview of your media buying activity and saves your time.

As the platform, we give advertisers an access to more advanced targeting tools and granular reporting; the campaigns can be optimized based on tree dimensions. What’s more, buying traffic in the CPM model through Voluum DSP allows you to reduce costs and pay even less per click than you are supposed to pay while running your ads directly.

What are the best traffic sources at the moment?

All our partners have high quality traffic. The inventory differs for each in terms of sites, apps, and volumes per geo. Therefore, there is no general answer to this question. The best is to consult your campaigns and choices with your Account Manager. Our team of experts in online advertising will help you to build the best strategy and choose the best networks (both native and display) to reach your KPIs.

What is the percentage of in-app/desktop inventory?

It varies depending on the network. To check the percentage of in-app and desktop inventory, please use the Traffic Planner. You can find it in your panel by clicking on the “DSP Traffic Planner” tab. Then select the source type (app/site) filter to further customize the view. In order to get access to our platform, please sign up here.

How do I choose the best traffic source for a particular vertical?

We encourage you to contact your Account Manager, if you’re not sure about the sourcing for your offer type. Our advertising experts have the best insights into current performance, therefore will guide towards a successful native advertising strategy. Don’t have an Account Manager yet? Contact us via Skype (ID: Voluum DSP AM), Telegram or WhatsApp (+48 721 570 055). You can also plan the most suitable ad inventory for your vertical by using the DSP Traffic Planner.

Can I see where my ad is displayed on the publisher’s website?

Voluum DSP platform does not provide the ability to preview ads on the individual pages/publisher sites – an exemplary view of the advertisement is served by Voluum DSP upon campaign creation.

Where can I buy Native ads?

You can buy native ads on the following native advertising platforms: Taboola, LiveIntent, MGID, RevContent, MoPub, Nativo, Engageya, Smaato, Improve Digital, Passendo, MyTarget, AdThink, Adnow, Pubnative, MobFox, Pulsepoint, Opera.

Where can I buy Mobile traffic?

Mobile traffic is available within any network. Mobile web traffic is accessible on Taboola, LiveIntent, MGID, RevContent, Nativo, Engageya, Improve Digital, Smaato, Pulsepoint, Passendo, Opera, AdThink, Adnow.

Where can I buy in-app traffic?

In-app traffic is available for purchase from Liveintent, Improve Digital, Viber, MoPub, Nativo, Opera, Smaato, Newsbreak, Pubnative, Pulsepoint, MobFox, MyTarget. Only in-app networks include MoPub, Newsbreak, Pubnative, Mobfox, MyTarget.

Where can I buy Email traffic?

You can buy Email traffic via Liveintent and Passendo advertising networks.

Native Advertising Explained – General Questions

What is native advertising?

We call it native advertising when paid ads are made to look like a part of the organic editorial content and media they appear on. Such ads can be found everywhere, from your favorite websites to your frequented social media channels. To learn more about native ad format visit our blog.

Is native advertising effective?

Numerous studies have shown that native ads are way more successful and competent in delivering results than display ads. That, in turn, means higher sales for the offer owners and higher payouts for the affiliates who chose native advertising. Read this article to discover why native ad formats are so powerful.

What do native ads look like?

Native advertising done right will most likely look just like all other articles and pieces of content around it. There are a few basic ways online users can identify native ads and all of them include words like Ad, Advertisement, Paid Advertisement, Sponsored Content tagged and highlighted next to the promoted content. Generally, there are five most common formats of native ads: in-feed ads, in-app ads, content recommendations, sponsored ads and native email widgets. You can learn more about them here.

How to create an effective native ad?

Native ad campaigns are built from a number of elements, such as a headline, image, description, call to action, icon etc. In the first stage of your campaign you should test different variants of each component and collect as much data as possible to make correct decisions further on. With this strategy you’ll quickly become aware of what your audience likes most.

Struggling with writing powerful headlines that pair great with your content? This blog article is for you.

How to buy native ads?

Programmatic advertising, header bidding, and real-time bidding (RTB) have revolutionized the process of selling and purchasing online advertising space. People who want to purchase advertising space in an automated way rely on special software - demand-side platforms (DSPs). Advertisers can use DSPs to buy ad space in various media types like display, video, mobile, and native all within one interface. If you want to learn more about DSPs and discover why you need one – visit our blog.

What is programmatic advertising?

Programmatic advertising is an automated way of buying and selling online advertising space. This automation makes transactions more efficient, improving processes and consolidating your digital advertising efforts via one technology platform.

What is header bidding?

Header bidding is a standardized programmatic auction for ad space handled by the publisher, an alternative to Google’s “waterfall” method, where advertisers can choose which impressions to buy. Header bidding is also known as advance bidding or pre-bidding and enables publishers to simultaneously monetize online ad space through numerous SSPs or Ad Exchanges.

What is RTB?

Real-Time Bidding is a type of programmatic advertising where advertisers can buy ad space from publishers that fit granular requirements set in predefined campaigns. These can be based on targeting like the country of the user, the website name, device types, etc. In RTB auctions, the process of buying ad space happens while a web page is loading, which usually lasts about 100 ms.

What is banner blindness?

Banner blindness, aka banner noise or ad blindness, is a term in online advertising to describe the tendency online users have to consciously or unconsciously ignore banner-like information. To learn more about this phenomenon, visit our blog.

What are the most popular native advertising testing strategies?

There are plenty of native ads testing strategies. All of them can significantly improve your media buying experience. It is hard to say which one is the best because every case is unique. Check out our Essential Guide to Proven Native Testing Strategies to fully understand all factors affecting the success of a native campaign.

What are the best affiliate conferences to attend in 2021?

There are lots of events for affiliate marketers to choose from, that’s why it’s not always easy to decide which ones are worth attending. Each conference can give you plenty of opportunities to mingle and open up the door for new business, new partnerships and new perspectives. So choose wisely. In 2021, many conferences will remain virtual or add online participation to their in-person format.

Performance advertising vs branding advertising. What is the difference?

Branding advertising calls for an emotional response, a direct reaction from the target audience, and clients’ long-term engagement. Performance advertising is data-based and it is built on specific objectives and measurable results that lead to dynamic company growth. Visit our blog to learn more about the key differences. It’s time to decide which strategy is a better fit for your business.

What are the benefits of native advertising?

Because of its non-disruptive nature, native advertising allows you to place a product in the customer's mind for the long term. Additionally, it helps to reach audiences tired of explicit promotion and to avoid a digital epidemic called ad blindness. Read this article to discover why both big brands and small business owners keep allocating bigger and bigger budgets for native advertising every year.

Mobile advertising vs. desktop advertising. What is the difference?

Looking at any desktop computer or any mobile wireless device, the difference between mobile and desktop advertising boils down to the impact on how users are able to view and consume media on both. Mobile advertising provides ads on smartphones and tablets, characterized by their wireless connection. Desktop serves them on laptops and computer screens. To learn more, visit our blog.

Native ads vs. display ads. What is the difference?

Native ads match the surrounding, functionality and the nature of the media where they are presented. Display ads are visually separated from their digital surroundings. Read this article to find out which strategy can help achieve your marketing goals and suit your needs best.

Native advertising vs Content marketing. What is the difference?

Native advertising refers to a specific way of presenting and sharing advertising content through the usage of paid ads matching the surrounding, functionality and the nature of the media format, in which they appear. This type of seamless advertising uses relevant yet alluring information to engage with the readers targeted on the domains that are not owned by the promoters.

Content marketing deals with a much wider range of ad distribution efforts. While native advertising is highly performance-oriented, content marketing very often aims at raising brand awareness through longer-term-focused goals. Such a process includes ad copy in a form of educational whitepapers, blogs, newsletters or videos, which additionally serve as a knowledge base for raising brand awareness. To differentiate even further, native ads are generally run through paid platforms, while content marketing is very often owned by the business entity that is distributing it.

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