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The story of AdNow began in 2014 when a bunch of digital geeks passionate about digital marketing, RTB, and Big Data came up with the idea of creating a new hybrid native ad format. This format was designed to serve ads and make the discovery of new and interesting content very easy and user-friendly. Over the years, AdNow grew to be a leading and well-known advertising company using the highest end in house technologies in digital marketing. Today, AdNow is connected with more than 180 000 partners, including webmasters, digital agencies, ad networks, digital security providers, etc. The company currently works with high-quality publishers from over 114 countries and serves more than  6 000 000 000 impressions per month.

Ad Formats

Ad Formats Available in AdNow

Types of ad formats available for purchase via VoluumDSP  

Sponsored Content
  • Sponsored Content

    Paid Branded or Sponsored Content is typically developed by a publisher in the interest of the brand. Hence, the content itself is a part of the native ad buy and can be promoted by In-Feed or Content Recommendation ads. This format helps in building brand awareness and increases customer engagement by providing information that the audience finds appealing.

Ad Inventory

AdNow Ad Inventory via VoluumDSP

Traffic Segmentation

AdNow Traffic Segmentation via Voluum DSP

Available Geos







Type of device

89% Mobile

11% Desktop

100% 0%
Web In-App

Top Verticals

AdNow Top Verticals and Categories


Nutra (skin care)

Nutra (hair products)

Nutra (diet)



Ad Requirements

AdNow Ad Requirements

Headline (max. 80 characters)

Primary headline text (e.g. article title)

Clothing Trends. Take a Look at our Best Offers!

Description (optional length)

Secondary Body Text

Buy top-quality clothing at the best discounts and make sure you look and feel just awesome.

Icon (optional size)

Small icon image (square)


Call to Action (max. 12 characters)

Text encouraging a user to take action

Read Article

Image (1:1)

Creative Ratio

  • Headline (max. 80 characters)

    Primary headline text (e.g. article title)

  • Description (optional length)

    Secondary Body Text

  • Icon (optional size)

    Small icon image (square)

  • Call to Action (max. 12 characters)

    Text encouraging a user to take action

  • Image (1:1)

    Creative Ratio


Why Choose AdNow with Voluum DSP?

  • Are you looking for mobile web European native traffic, with a proven performance for nutrition, e-com and trading campaigns? If so, AdNow is definitely a perfect match for you offers!
  • AdNow is mostly concentrated on the classic native and infinite scroll formats. These ad formats provide up to 3 times higher CTR and 2 times higher conversion rates, increasing the total income of advertisers up to 6 times! Our widgets are adaptive with prompt customizable design. They don’t disrupt the user experience, but allow readers to consult them naturally and with little effort
  • The combination of a native ad’s headline, thumbnail, brand name and logo stands out in the editorial news feeds and has been proven proven to drive an 18% lift in purchase intent
  • Take advantage of the top-notch quality native traffic –  in AdNow every publisher is very well-reviewed, and the traffic is 100% direct, which we guarantees the high quality of our ad inventory

Buy AdNow Traffic via Voluum DSP

Get the most out of real-time reporting, content targeting, and auto-optimization!