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Adthink offers a full line of smart performance digital advertising services. Since 2001, Adthink has been helping advertisers acquire online customers, by making advertising return on investment the main objective of every campaign. Adthink’s advertising solutions encompass the entire value chain of online marketing, from Display Network to Affiliate Network, with its own independent Trading Desk, and its team of experts in Data Activation and Customer Acquisition, ensuring total control over every step in conveying our clients’ messages to consumers.

Ad Formats

Ad Formats Available in AdThink

Types of ad formats available for purchase via VoluumDSP  


Sponsored Ads
  • Sponsored Ads

    Paid Branded or Sponsored Content is typically developed by a publisher in the interest of the brand. Hence, the content itself is a part of the native ad buy and can be promoted by In-Feed or Content Recommendation ads. This format helps in building brand awareness and increases customer engagement by providing information that the audience finds appealing.

Ad Inventory

AdThink Ad Inventory via VoluumDSP

Traffic Segmentation

AdThink Traffic Segmentation via Voluum DSP

Available Geos








United Kingdom





Type of device

99% Desktop

1% Mobile

100% 0%
Web In-App

Top Verticals

AdThink Top Verticals and Categories via Voluum DSP



Anti Virus



Ad Requirements

AdThink Ad Requirements

Headline (max. 90 characters )

Primary headline text (e.g. article title)

Clothing Trends. Take a Look at our Best Offers!

Description (optional length)

Secondary Body Text

Buy top-quality clothing at the best discounts and make sure you look and feel just awesome.

Icon (optional size)

Small icon image (square)


Call to Action (max. 12 characters)

Text encouraging a user to take action

Read Article

Image (3:2)

Creative Ratio

  • Headline (max. 90 characters )

    Primary headline text (e.g. article title)

  • Description (optional length)

    Secondary Body Text

  • Icon (optional size)

    Small icon image (square)

  • Call to Action (max. 12 characters)

    Text encouraging a user to take action

  • Image (3:2)

    Creative Ratio


Why To Choose AdThink with Voluum DSP?

  • Explore one of the biggest range of European web publishers that Voluum DSP has to offer – Adthink offers a vast  range of European premium publishers for your various offer types 
  • Benefit from engaging native ad formats – Adthink is ever looking for new ways to immerge audiences in more engaging experiences with ad formats that perfectly fit and augment the value of editorial contents. Always prioritising usability and readability first 
  • Advertise on a global scale – with almost 4 Billions addressable devices, Adthink’s traffic reaches your target audience across the globe, on any screen. 
  • Quality and Safety – Adthink partners only with the best digital audience providers and doubles on safety by collaborating with the most effective fraud prevention solutions 

Buy AdThink Traffic via Voluum DSP

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