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Looking for high-quality native traffic for your ad campaigns? While there are many ad networks around, only a few are worth your time and money. MGID is definitely one of them. Founded in 2008, the company has grown to 750+ employees who operate out of 11 offices worldwide, and partner with clients originating from over 200 countries, while supporting more than 70 different languages. It was the first platform to introduce content discovery through a native widget, and continues to be the top performer in multiple markets across the globe. MGID is a global award-winning innovative pioneer in native advertising. The platform helps publishers retain audiences and monetize traffic. It drives performance and awareness for brands by connecting them to unique audiences, at the right time, with the right content.

Ad Formats

MGID Ad Formats

Content Recommendations In-Feed
  • Content Recommendations

    Also known as Content Discovery Ads or Content Recommendation Widgets. Such ads are displayed alongside other editorial and paid content, cleverly imitating real referrals from a webpage. The widgets are usually labelled as “recommended for you”, “you also might like”, “you might have missed” or “from around the web”. Content Recommendations offer a huge scale for marketers and provide high credibility.

  • In-Feed

    In-Feed Native Advertising is definitely the best-known type of native ads. Such ads are placed in articles and content feeds. As their layout matches the surrounding of the site design, they don't disrupt the user experience, but allow readers to consult them naturally and with little effort. In fact, In-Feed Native Ads are more likely to generate engagement and drive higher sales.

Ad Inventory

Ad Inventory in MGID



Medical Daily

Insider Monkey

The Inquisitr




Napoli Magazine


Traffic Segmentation

MGID Traffic Segmentation

Available Geos





United States








Type of device

69% Mobile

27% Desktop

4% Tablet

100% 0%
Web In-App

Top Verticals

MGID Top Verticals and Categories

Finance related

Apps & Tools


Health & Beauty products





Real Estate



Ad Requirements

MGID Ad Requirements

Icon (min. 100x100 px)

Icon image (.jpg .png)


Headline (65 characters)

Primary headline text (e.g. article title)

Clothing Trends. Take a Look at our Best Offers!

Body Text (75 characters)

Secondary Body Text

Call to Action (15 characters)

Text encouraging the user to take action

Read Article

Image (3:2, 16:9, 1:1)

Creative Ratio

  • Icon (min. 100x100 px)

    Icon image (.jpg .png)

  • Headline (65 characters)

    Primary headline text (e.g. article title)

  • Body Text (75 characters)

    Secondary Body Text

  • Call to Action (15 characters)

    Text encouraging the user to take action

  • Image (3:2, 16:9, 1:1)

    Creative Ratio


Why Choose MGID with Voluum DSP?

  • MGID  partners with thousands of premium publishers and provides access to unique global audiences for advertisers
  • MGID offers a wide range of in-feed and content recommendation widgets. These ad units are customizable to different website designs to blend seamlessly with the surrounding environment and get more users’ attention
  • MGID supports viewable impressions – one of the biggest benefits of buying MGID through Voluum DSP is that advertisers are charged only when a user sees the ad 
  • MGID offers one of the largest native traffic inventory from Europe, US, LATAM, APAC and South-East Asia – over the last year, the marketplace dynamic has been favorable for the United States, LATAM, Europe, and APAC. Latin America distinguished itself by its strong growth in traffic and demand, making the region one of MGID’s top priorities. According to statistics for December 2020, MGID received over 50 million clicks in Latin America 

Buy MGID Traffic via Voluum DSP

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