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MyTarget is a mobile advertising platform developed by Group, which holds both leading Russian social networks as well as other web projects and apps, reaching 92% of all internet audience in Russia. These projects also account for roughly 20% of total time spent by Russians online, which is estimated at 185 minutes per day on average — and myTarget gives advertisers full access to that audience, targeting ads with pinpoint accuracy and profiting from premium in-app inventory.

Ad Formats

MyTarget Ad Formats

Types of ad formats available for purchase via VoluumDSP  

In-Feed In-App
  • In-Feed In-App

    In-Feed/ News feed native ad layouts are typically placed in between the content of the site's or app's feed, or where that feed begins or ends. They are perfect for news sites, content feeds, and social media apps. This native ad format is definitely the best-known type of native ads. Such ads are placed in articles and content feeds. As their layout matches the surrounding of the site design, they don't disrupt the user experience, but allow readers to consult them naturally and with little effort. In fact, In-Feed Native Ads are more likely to generate engagement and drive higher sales.

Ad Inventory

MyTarget In-App Inventory available via Voluum DSP

Mi File Manager - free and easily

Yula - buy and sell profitably


Super-Bright LED Flashlight

Words Of Wonders: Crossword

Numberzilla Number Puzzle Game

Traffic Segmentation

MyTarget Traffic Segmentation

Available Geos

Russian Federation





United Kingdom




Type of device


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Web In-App

Top Verticals

MyTarget Top Verticals and Categories





Trading - Bitcoin

Ad Requirements

MyTarget Ad Requirements

Headline (max. 25 characters )

Primary headline text (e.g. article title)

Clothing Trends. Take a Look at our Best Offers!

Description (max. 120 characters )

Secondary Body Text

Buy top-quality clothing at the best discounts and make sure you look and feel just awesome.

Icon (min.100x100px)

Small icon image (square)


Call to Action (max. 12 characters )

Text encouraging a user to take action

Read Article

Image (1:1)

Creative Ratio

  • Headline (max. 25 characters )

    Primary headline text (e.g. article title)

  • Description (max. 120 characters )

    Secondary Body Text

  • Icon (min.100x100px)

    Small icon image (square)

  • Call to Action (max. 12 characters )

    Text encouraging a user to take action

  • Image (1:1)

    Creative Ratio


Why Choose MyTarget with Voluum DSP?

  • MyTarget provides more than 700 mln native requests daily from various geos. MyTarget’s mobile software development kit or SDK is one of the TOP 20 Largest Mobile SDK Ad Networks
  • benefit from constantly updated anti-fraud detection algorithms which guarantee elimination of all main types of ad fraud like bots, attribution fraud, or incentive traffic
  • get your gateway to Russian mobile market (TOP5 in the world in installs, TOP10 in Google Play revenues)
  • As Group is the owner of MyTarget inventory, you get access to extremely unique placements that you can barely buy from other sources. The traffic volumes are constantly growing, external approval is needed only for certain verticals
  • profit from premium in-app inventory and reach consumers with pinpoint accuracy
  • take advantage of the high impact native ad formats that provide great user experience – MyTarget shows targeted ads based on users data they already have. Like social demographic data, interests or brands that users engage with. That leads to better outcomes for advertisers which in turn leads to higher revenue for publishers

Buy MyTarget Traffic via Voluum DSP

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