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PubNative, now part of Verve Group, is a mobile publisher platform and programmatic ad exchange, providing advanced monetization solutions for mobile app developers. With its proprietary cross-format optimization technology and mobile in-app bidding solution, PubNative enables mobile publishers to maximize their programmatic advertising revenue via flexible integrations (API, SDK, JavaScript).

By pushing this demand-side specification, the platform allows publishers to enrich their native inventory and to deliver better experiences to their users. PubNative’s goal is to increase the programmatic delivery of native ads by establishing a common framework on the buy-side, which results in the increased demand for native ads.

Ad Formats

Ad Formats Available in PubNative

In-Feed In-App Carousel In-App
  • In-Feed In-App

    In-Feed/ News feed native ad layouts are typically placed in between the content of the site's or app's feed, or where that feed begins or ends. They are perfect for news sites, content feeds, and social media apps. This native ad format is definitely the best-known type of native ads. Such ads are placed in articles and content feeds. As their layout matches the surrounding of the site design, they don't disrupt the user experience, but allow readers to consult them naturally and with little effort. In fact, In-Feed Native Ads are more likely to generate engagement and drive higher sales.

  • Carousel In-App

    Carousel native ad layouts are an ideal choice for displaying multiple images. They can be often found on news, social media sites and applications. Online users just swipe sideways to view the ad’s images, a highly interactive process, which translates into higher engagement rates.

Ad Inventory

Ad Inventory in PubNative




Opera Mini

Opera News

Text Me

Traffic Segmentation

PubNative Traffic Segmentation

Available Geos

United States

Russian Federation


Saudi Arabia


Type of device

100% Mobile

0% 100%
Web In-App

Top Verticals

PubNative Top Verticals and Categories

Trading - Crypto


Health & Beauty

App Installs

Ad Requirements

PubNative Ad Requirements

Icon (exact 80x80 px)

Small icon image (square)


Headline (max. 50 characters)

Primary headline text (e.g. article title)

Clothing Trends. Take a Look at our Best Offers!

Description (max. 100 characters)

Secondary Body Text

Buy top-quality clothing at the best discounts and make sure you look and feel just awesome.

Call to Action (max. 15 characters)

Text encouraging the user to take action

Read Article

Image (1.91:1)

Creative Ratio

  • Icon (exact 80x80 px)

    Small icon image (square)

  • Headline (max. 50 characters)

    Primary headline text (e.g. article title)

  • Description (max. 100 characters)

    Secondary Body Text

  • Call to Action (max. 15 characters)

    Text encouraging the user to take action

  • Image (1.91:1)

    Creative Ratio


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  • Increase revenue and reach more potential buyers by making each impression available to multiple demand partners thanks to PubNative’s innovative technology

Buy PubNative Traffic via Voluum DSP

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