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The Power of Text Mobile Advertising

Reach over 43 million people and advertise your business with the biggest and best networks in Africa. Speak to your customers in a way that makes sense to them with "Please Call Me" (PCM).

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Please Call Me Advertising

Why use PCM for your next marketing campaign?

Traditionally this is a free, user-generated service that gives the advertiser reach and volumes to promote their business via a text ad.

Over 200 000 messages for only R 1000.00. Minimum floor price starting at R 2.50 CPM
Perfect for creating awareness and driving traffic to your site
Global Benchmark of 0.03% CTR with as little as R 9.00 CPA

mobile text advertising reach

Reach more than 43 Million people with over 2 Billion impressions per month

Available Geos
South Africa
Available Devices
Android / iOS / Feature Phones / Legacy devices

How does it work?

Unleash the Power of PCM Advertising in 3 Simple Steps


Set up your campaign and type out your text message.


A network customer gets your message when a user generates a “Please Call Me” service.


The user clicks on the link from your message to your website.

Ad specifications

Make Your Ad Stand Out

  • 110 Character limit
  • No special characters allowed
  • Make use of a URL shortener to save space for your message

Benefits of PCM Advertising

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  • Network agnostic
  • High volume reach
  • Low floor prices
  • Easy to set up
  • 90% visibility

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Got questions about PCM advertising?

Donald Mokgale

CEO Sub-Saharan Africa, Out There Media

+27 76 804 0278