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Guide to Native Ads in Voluum DSP

How to Make Affiliate Marketing Work with Native Advertising on Voluum DSP

You can see from the examples above that the landing page and offer you advertise need to match the traffic sources you’re advertising on. But that’s not all. You’ll need to make sure you have the following things ready before starting your native advertising campaign:

  1. The right offers from the right affiliate networks;
  2. The native traffic source best-suited for your offer verticals;
  3. The best creatives and landing pages to match your offers;
  4. Find the target demographic that performs and optimize campaign settings;
  5. The mindset to spend a little to make a lot

Choose Offers Specific For Native Advertising

Not every offer will work well with native advertising. Your successful banner campaigns running offers with low payouts may be profitable now, but the cost comparison isn’t the same on native. You’ll want to find offers with moderate to high payouts with an easy-to-target audience. 

For example, the following niches consistently perform well on Voluum DSP and with our clients:

  1. Health And Beauty
  2. Trading/Binary
  3. Gambling
  4. Dating

Native Ads for Health And Beauty

Weight loss and skin care products perform great on native ads because users have higher intent to purchase when seeing these ads next to the related articles.

The most obvious ways to market these products are to target the users searching for “How-to” articles on losing weight or changing their skin. Once they’re reading the articles you’re advertising on, half of the work is done. You’ve got a user who’s looking for a way to lose weight and look better, you just have to convince them your product is the answer.

Health and beauty products also speak to the larger community. Everyone wants to look better and feel better, regardless of gender. This is where eye-catching creatives like “Before and After” pictures prosper. Even when a user is browsing the web for an unrelated topic, good health and beauty creatives catch their attention and change their focus to the universal desire to look good. With a good landing page and convincing content, conversions are an easy catch. 

Not a lot of offer verticals have the flexibility of targeting both granular and broad audiences. If you’re still looking for a vertical to start with, this may be the way to go.

Trading, Binary, and Financial

As an affiliate marketer, you can understand the pursuit of passive income. Trading, binary, and financial products promise exactly this. Luckily, the pursuit of passive income is extensively marketed by Youtube and Social Media influencers at the moment. 

That means the part of selling the advantages of trading and binary is sometimes already done. If you’re not the gambling type, you can stay safe by running native ads on finance, binary, and trading affiliate websites or forums. 

If, however, you have insight on well performing creatives and great landing pages, you can run these ads on non-finance related sites and apps as well. Payouts for financial offers are usually higher, which means getting users might be more difficult. However, once you get the conversions, the revenue is also more substantial. 

Native ads for gambling

Gambling offers are two-fold, gaming and betting, but we’ll focus on betting only. I like betting offers because the affiliates who are up-to-date with major sporting events fair pretty well. There’s nothing better than using your own interests as ammunition for your native campaigns. 

In sports betting timing is everything. Timing sports-betting campaigns with major events like FIFA or the Super Bowl in combination with demographic targeting can bring great results. Certain affiliates only run sports-betting campaigns all year round and switch the advertisements based on the type of sports that are in season. Sounds pretty easy, doesn’t it? 

Native ads for dating

Dating offers, similarly to “health and beauty”, appeal to a wider audience. Affiliates usually use more inventive creatives to elicit interest and add landing pages with good content, visuals, and product reviews to send their sales pitches all the way home. Depending on the strictness of the traffic source, creatives can get pretty revealing, which is one of the many magic tricks that get dating affiliate offers to work. 

With Voluum DSP, there’s no guessing about what creatives you can run on which ad networks. Your Account Manager can give you all the information you need so that your native campaign is both compliant and uses creatives with the best potential for conversions. 

We’ve only gone through 4 offer verticals in affiliate marketing so far, so if nothing above sold you, you can always reach out to your Voluum DSP Account Manager for a ton more suggestions. We have partnerships with Affiliate Networks and forums like STM to get you the best insight on what to run. We can also take your past experience in affiliate marketing to cater to your strengths when discussing your campaign strategy with us. 

Run Your Offers On the Right Native Ad Networks

So you’ve chosen the offer vertical you want to run. What’s next? As we discussed earlier, offers that worked in your past campaigns with other ad types won’t necessarily work with native advertising. In the same way, offers that are successful on one native ad network won’t necessarily share the success in another. 

Our Voluum DSP Account Managers believe in providing clients with all the insight possible before they start a campaign. That means they’ll cherry-pick the ad networks showing the most success with your campaign vertical together with you, so you can make custom white-lists for your campaigns. 

We have close relationships with our supply partners and they give us an up-to-date information on which advertisements and verticals work well with their traffic. In such a way you get the intel straight from the horse’s mouth. 

You might be wondering “Why do ad networks care if my campaigns are successful?” Because they don’t earn money if you don’t earn money and stop buying their traffic. The success of Voluum DSP also depends on the success of our clients’ campaigns. There are no tricks or secrets here, we are on your side because we only earn when you earn. 

Get Creative With Your Creatives

Native advertising creatives are more than just images. They include headlines and descriptions as well. If you’re a seasoned affiliate marketer, you know all about using creatives for a/b testing, spying on competitor ads, and stretching the limits of compliance to get the highest CTR you can. 

We’re aware of all of that at Voluum DSP. That’s why our Account Managers are always available to make creative suggestions for clients. We can give you feedback on your user flow all the way from the the creative click through the landing page to the final sales conversion. 

But on top of that we also equip you with the ability to easily optimize your campaigns by creative in our reporting panel. You don’t have to run campaigns the old fashioned way and look through your excel sheets to find which campaigns match which creatives. You can run multiple creatives in one campaign and then pause the creatives that are underperforming or bid up the performing ones in one screen. 

Find the target demographic for your advertising campaign

The feature that makes Voluum DSP outshine any other DSP is our meticulous attention to details when it comes to reporting and optimization. Our reporting tool displays your campaign performance split by almost any  metric you can think of. On top of that, you get to pause or change the bid on that metric. 

Voluum DSP reporting consists of but is not limited to:

  1. Ad Exchanges; 
  2. Affiliate Networks;
  3. Browsers;
  4. Geo;
  5. Creatives;
  6. Landers;
  7. Language;
  8. Sites;
  9. Site Content;
  10. Widget Id

Our reporting is able to group multiple metrics with each other making your bid strategy even more granular. You might group countries and languages together to find out that your campaign performs best in Poland with English speakers. This type of granularity is invaluable. After all, you don’t want to leave money on the table by optimizing too broadly. 

As a bonus, Voluum DSP has another useful feature called “Rule-based Paths”. Let’s go back to your native campaign that seems to be performing well for English speakers in Poland (but not for Polish speakers). The majority of your traffic from Poland is still Polish speakers and it’s cheap so you don’t want to pause this segment of traffic just yet. 

Now you’ve got one campaign with two offers. You can keep repeating this as many times as you’d like. In Voluum DSP, all the work of identifying the best performing demographics for your campaign is done for you, so you can spend more time optimizing and scaling your revenue.

Spend a Little to Make a Lot

It’s the classic line: do a little to get a lot. The pursuit of passive income doesn’t come easy. If it did, there would be way more affiliates sitting in Thailand sipping Mai Tais after running their first affiliate marketing campaign. 

Instead, the majority of affiliate marketers drop off after their first few weeks because they expect ROI to be positive at the start. 

Some verticals have higher bars to success but have more scalability and potential to give you a full-time passive income. Other verticals bring smaller risks but also require more attention to optimization and bring smaller wins. 

By using the extensive reporting and optimization tools like those offered by Voluum DSP platform together with the expert support of our Account Managers, you’re giving yourself the best chance to succeed in running affiliate marketing on native advertising. 

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