Buy Revcontent Traffic with Voluum DSP

Buy Revcontent Traffic with Voluum DSP

If you’ve ever advertised your products or services on the Internet, then you’d obviously have heard the name Revcontent. Today, this native advertising platform is in the spotlight!

We value our partnership a lot, and we want to also help advertisers who would like to use this Ad Exchange. So you are in the right place to get vital information regarding compliance requirements and tips that will be really useful if you want to start running campaigns with us!

Let’s not waste any more time and let’s get to the point!

What is Revcontent?

You surely know what Revcontent is – but we have some insider tips so you can get an even better understanding of this platform.

Founded in 2013, Revcontent is a native advertising platform – one of the leading in the world. Revcontent allows publishers to monetize their site, and gives the advertisers a way to drive traffic.  

You can access Revcontent through Voluum DSP. We offer a Cost Per Mile (CPM) pricing model and the prices vary from $0.40 up to $3 per a thousand impressions. You can use content targeting and our dedicated Account Managers are here to help you! Besides, we have a flying approval time! Our moderation team accepts your campaigns in up to 5 hours. We often approve them much faster within our working hours.

If this sounds encouraging enough for you, to start with Revcontent through our DSP: all you need to do is to create an account on our platform and make the first-top up of minimum $500. After that, you can make the following top-ups of $200.

If you prefer Revcontent directly, you can integrate your account with Voluum Tracker. So, you can track, automate, and optimize your campaigns with us. For a more detailed comparison, please follow this link.

Have you ever wondered what offers people run with Revcontent? Here are the most popular verticals:

  • Nutrition related campaigns (diabetes, dental care, hearing, dietary supplements), 
  • Health procedures as well as digital or prophylaxis products, 
  • E-commerce campaigns (shops, apps, tech gadgets, energy saving gadgets),
  • Financial services (insurance, crypto trading and forex).  

Top largest geo sources are the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Netherlands, Croatia, Belgium and LATAM countries.

Revcontent’s Ad Policy – Requirements & Restrictions

Revcontent has its own requirements, restrictions and guidelines. Most of them align with those of Voluum DSP. Below, we share the most important and our common points:

  • Adult content, Nudity & Pornography  –  but also overly sexualized content 
  • Malware any kind of program or file which can be intentionally harmful to a computer
  • Illegal content & products – any illegal activity, including the promotion of software piracy, hacking, or gambling (unless permitted by local laws) and promotion of content that violates any law
  • Violence – promotion of behavior that intends to hurt, injure, damage, kill or destroy someone or something. Also, the results of such actions as gore, blood, dead bodies.
  • Hate Speech and Discrimination – promotion of any content that segregates individuals or groups of people by race, gender identity, religion, political ideology
  • Controversial Political content – content related to crises, political changes and different views on political parties 

To give you more context, although Revcontent allows weight loss supplements directly, Voluum DSP rejects them on Revcontent’s US traffic. You can visit Revcontent’s list of prohibited products to get some more information on which supplements to avoid. 

You must also bear in mind that some of our regulations are stricter. For example, with Voluum DSP on Revcontent traffic you won’t be able to run men’s health campaigns as we reject content related to erectile dysfunction and supplements that increase libido.

General Info About Prohibited Practices

Your ads cannot promote content that employs malicious and deceptive behavior. Below, we’ve prepared a list of examples of prohibited campaign practices:

  • Phishing is a cybercrime. There are many types of phishing, but in general it is a fraudulent technique to obtain users’ personal information, like banking, credit card details or passwords.
  • Cloaking refers to smartlink-related techniques. They direct users to content other than what was presented in the search engine. 
  • Deceptive and misleading practices including but not limited to deceptive, misleading, untruthful claims. Content that you promote has to be transparent. You should always include clear information about the products and services. So the expectations about how those products are realistic. If you wish to learn more, we strongly encourage you to visit Revcontent’s website.
  • False third-party endorsements, which is any type of content that violates personal rights. It can mean, for example, the use of famous people’s image, fake testimonials, trademarks, service marks, logos, copyright or other intellectual property right without proper confirmation of authenticity.
  • Limited time and supply claims (fake countdown clocks) that makes the users think that the offer expires soon when it doesn’t. Revcontent doesn’t allow fake countdown clocks to avoid situations when users feel falsely pressured to grab an offer. 
  • False testimonials and claims which can include exaggerated claims that are not supported by any proof not studies. Moderation teams happily reject overly promising statements or “too good to be true” claims. Revcontent requires testimonials, before and after images, and endorsements to be true, authentic and verifiable.
  • Earnings claims in financial services campaigns which are included in the text and often accompanied by images of rich people and their wealth. If you don’t want your campaign to be rejected, pay attention to financial offers, their content and the offered product/service. If you are thinking about starting cryptocurrency campaigns on Revcontent you should know that currently you can promote only two types of products/services:
    • E-books about trading cryptocurrencies
    • App installs for legitimate trading platforms – offers, without auto-download, that take you directly to a website where users can download a legitimate app.

What Should Be Added to the Landing Page?

This part is pretty important, if you want to make sure that your campaigns get approved 😉 

If your advertisement resembles an article, blog etc. it is a good practice to let users know about it and add both:

  • Term ADVERTISEMENTwritten using capital letters. It should appear clearly on the top center of the page. Furthermore, it shouldn’t be obstructed by any pop-up notices.
  • Disclaimer: “THIS IS AN ADVERTISEMENT AND NOT AN ACTUAL NEWS ARTICLE, BLOG, OR CONSUMER PROTECTION UPDATE” also preferably written using capital letters. It should be added on the bottom of the page, before any other disclosures. If you’re not adding other disclosure phrases, it should be at the bottom of the advertisement alone.

Revcontent  requires every Nutrition campaign to have disclosures like:

  • FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) disclaimer, while targeting the US. We strongly recommend you to add this disclosure to the campaigns which contain edible products (for example, pills and other edible supplements). It is a short notice that contains information if this institution evaluated (or didn’t evaluate) this specific product. It should appear at the bottom of the page. You can add, for example, such a phrase:  

“Representations regarding the efficacy and safety of [product name] have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA only evaluates foods and drugs, not supplements like these products. These products are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease. This information does not constitute medical advice and should not be relied upon as such. Consult with your doctor before modifying your regular medical regime.”

  • Claims Disclosure – it’s a good practice to inform users that claims enclosed in the article are a part of the advertisement and results can vary depending on the individual. There is no guarantee of specific results for everyone.
  • References – Revcontent requires information about at least one test, analysis, research report, or study on the product or its ingredients added to the landing pages for nutrition campaigns. You can include information and a link to these elements in the FDA disclaimer.

Creatives Requirements to Follow

Creatives are crucial elements of the campaigns. They are the first thing which attracts the attention of internet users and drives them to click to see what’s hiding under them. That’s why It should be unique, clever and catchy. However, there are some rules for you to follow when choosing your main images:

✔️ Revcontent Image Size and Ratio

While running your campaigns directly with Revcontent, you need to remember that the recommended image size is equal to 420x315px. However, don’t be surprised because Voluum DSP requires a slightly higher resolution which is 600x315px and here you can find out why. 

What you need to remember is that in both scenarios, the image can be bigger. What’s important is the ratio, which has to be 4:3! Your image should fill the entire intended space. This means no white or blurry space along any side and no borders – this is also prohibited by Revcontent!

If your image already has a decent size and resolution, let’s jump to the do’s and don’ts checklist! Here are some basic rules:

✔️ Limit Arrows, Circles and Text on Images

Creatives with an aggressive clickbait look containing arrows, circles placed to highlight a specific part of the image are prohibited. However, when they are relevant and not excessive, they can be approved with all categories.

Text on creatives is allowed, but it should be relevant and cannot be excessive or cut off.

Limit Arrows, Circles and Text on Images
Limit Arrows, Circles and Text on Images

❌ No Zoomed Body Parts that are Unsettling or Grotesque

Your creatives should be catchy but remember and don’t go too far with it!

No Zoomed Body Parts that are Unsettling or Grotesque

❌ No Before/After images

Images that suggest any results that can be achieved when using a product are not allowed unless you provide the proof that the promoted product can have such an effect on every person who is using the product.

No Before/After images

❌ No Sexually Implicit Images 

You should avoid any kind of objectification or sexualization of women such as the impression of nudity, big cleavages, short skirts, and photos from a behind angle. You also cannot use images either of phallic-shaped objects nor direct or indirect sexual activities performed by people or animals. All mentioned types of images will be rejected!

No Sexually Implicit Images

❌ No Feet in Water on Creatives 

That can be found, especially in campaigns that promote products and procedures to help remove fungus. Yes, those are prohibited and there is nothing more to say about it 😀

No Feet in Water on Creatives

No Borders 

It refers to white space as well as (colorful) borders along any side of the image. The image should fill the entire space

No Borders

No Play Buttons 

It can be misleading and can be also considered a clickbait since users may expect that the video will start playing after they click on it. As a result, they are redirected to the landing page.

No Play Buttons

❌ No GIFs

Images that are animated and contain flashing are not allowed on VoluumDSP, both for Revcontent endpoint and all other Ad Exchanges. Recently we made a change in our platform, and you can’t upload files in GIF format 😉

Headline requirements

Creatives refer to the combinations of main images and headlines. We’ve just introduced you to some basic rules regarding main images. So now it’s time to delve into the thicket of headlines and traps that may lurk ahead of us! 

First, try not to exceed 80 characters in your title. Otherwise, widgets automatically exclude creatives with too long titles.

Secondly, just follow these tips: 

✔️ Use Proper Capitalization, because we don’t accept EXCESSIVE CAPITALIZATION.

For example: 

The MOST INNOVATIVE Flashlight With Led Technology Of 2021

You should replace with:

The Most Innovative Flashlight With Led Technology Of 2021

Of course, you should use capitalization with common abbreviations. It’s correct to write NASA, DIY and similar. Generally, you should treat your headline like a title. So capitalize the first letter of all major words. Like in the example above.

✔️ Always Double-check Your Punctuation

Try to pay attention so that your headline doesn’t have an ellipsis (…) at the end. Other punctuation marks should not be overused. What is more, do not use exclamations or question marks pointlessly, e.g. ???!!!

✔️ Avoid Using Unrealistic or too-Promising Claims in Headlines

We definitely won’t accept these. Actually, is there anybody who believes in such claims?
“Woman Reveals Simple Fat Burning Secret She Used To Lose 98LB In 3 Weeks”

“How This Woman Lost 98 lbs of Body Fat With Zero Exercise”

“Basic Home Remedy Melts Away Moles & Skin Tags In 32 Mins”

Avoid Using Unrealistic or too-Promising Claims in Headlines

No vulgar or crude language

We believe that we don’t have to explain this one in detail. No one wants vulgar language to appear on one’s website. This is why the Moderation Teams reject headlines that include offensive, vulgar or crude language.

The Bottom Line

Good job! You made it to the end of the article! We just want to say a couple more words to sum it up. 

There are many factors that have an impact on the success of the campaign. Sometimes the complexity of the details gives us a headache, and it is difficult to determine if the content is acceptable or not. 

You need to bear in mind that some of your campaigns/offers/creatives that are approved directly with Revcontent may not be approved for Revcontent while using Voluum DSP. And this is not an individual case – it concerns many other networks and DSPs. We may be more strict but remember that if you have any doubts you can always check our guidelines.  

We hope the information gathered here is helpful and from now on it will be smooth sailing for you and your campaigns! 🙂

Let’s jump on that boat and rock it!

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