What is a Demand-Side Platform and Why You Need One?

Demand-Side Platform

Programmatic advertising, along with header bidding, and RTB are revolutionizing the way we buy and sell advertising space. With all this automation, we need software and platforms to allow individual advertisers to run their ads. This is where demand-side platforms, or DSPs for short, come in.

What is a DSP: Definition

We can start from the very beginning – the name itself. Demand-side platforms are software used by people who want to purchase advertising space in an automated way. Let’s be honest, it’s not easy for advertisers to navigate through many ad platforms and various media types. Here comes a DSP, where advertisers can buy ad space for their display, video, mobile and native campaigns from many different sources – all in one place

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Why Do We Care?

In the good old days, advertisers had to buy digital ads directly from publishers who owned the sites they wanted to run their ads on. This required face to face negotiations, insertion orders, and often fixed pricing which meant they could end up with inventory that didn’t even fit their target demographics.

Nowadays, thanks to DSPs advertisers can set up a campaign with granular demographic targeting that fits their needs and let the DSP do the work of finding the appropriate inventory to run their ads on.

How Do Demand-Side Platforms Work?

The technicalities can be a bit more complicated. There can be many middlemen between a publisher who wants to sell inventory and an advertiser who wants to buy it. In the simplest terms, DSPs have access to bid in auctions for ad space on numerous amounts of publisher web sites, either directly with site owners or through SSPs.

DSPs are the platforms where advertisers can make specific requests for traffic that can include anything between the country from where the user visit originates to the language of their browser. DSPs offer crazy granular targeting that can provide you with a lot of valuable info.

Thanks to the DSPs you get to learn all the important metrics like the time of day of the visit, the keywords that were in the website at the time the user visited, the IP and/or the model of the device the user was using, etc. Having this information can become the turning point of your ad campaign.

How Do Ad Networks Fit In?

The gap between Ad Networks and DSPs is closing. Publishers no longer have to make deals with a single Ad Network to sell their inventory because they can work with SSPs that connect their inventory to direct buyers and various DSPs all at the same time.

To stay competitive, Ad Networks now provide the same kind of services and hook up with SSPs to have comparable supply with DSPs. Interested? Check out our comparison between Voluum DSP and Outbrain or Taboola.

Who Are the Major DSP Players?

There are many DSPs out there that either specialize in certain media types (to ensure the best deals and expertise) or provide access to all media types (to optimize advertiser’s time). It is up to you to decide which type of the demand-side platforms you prefer the most. The good news is that there are a lot to choose from!  

To name a few, there’s MediaMath, Amazon, DoubleClick, Appnexus and Voluum DSP. Many DSPs overlap in their features, so it’s in your best interest to look for the one that best aligns with your marketing objectives. Let’s check out why Voluum DSP might be just the platform for you.

So, Why Voluum DSP?

First off, Voluum DSP specializes in native ads and offers super granular targeting. Native advertising is one of the fastest-growing media types in digital advertising at the moment. Native ads are simply more effective than others and are better integrated with the organic content that the user is looking for.

In addition to connecting advertisers to unique and premium native advertising supply, Voluum DSP with its high tech and constant development aims to stand out from  the competitors. With our platform advertisers can benefit from a variety of state-of-the-art features including:

  1. Advanced Targeting
  2. Anti-Fraud Filtering
  3. Built-in Tracking Software
  4. Full Transparency
  5. Compliance and Optimization Services
  6. Exceptional Support

Let’s give it all a closer look!

Advanced Targeting

Voluum DSP campaigns can target users for the most demanding advertisers with the most granular demographics. Just to name a few: IP, OS, country, dayparting, device type… And they are all available in a single campaign! This way, even if advertisers don’t know which users will perform best for their offers, utilizing Voluum DSPs granular reporting can help them determine who they should be targeting next. 

Anti-Fraud Filtering

We take your digital safety very seriously. Voluum DSP utilizes Pixalate and an internal Compliance Team to filter traffic for fraud so our clients don’t have to. Our goal is to save advertisers time so they can focus on optimization and scaling performing campaigns. 

Built-in Tracking Software

The days of discrepancies between tracking and demand platforms are long gone. Advertisers don’t have to worry about losing conversions or impressions because we manage the whole campaign flow. Our tracking mechanisms make ad operations smoother and more streamlined so that you can open more profitable native campaigns with us. 

Voluum DSP is really 2 products in 1. Since Voluum DSP uses Voluum Tracker software, advertisers can skip the tracking step in running campaigns. Instead of switching screens between their DSP, Excel sheets, and tracking platform, using Voluum DSP allows you to track, buy, and optimize traffic – all in one place and in one browser screen.

Voluum Tracker has the most sophisticated reporting platform on the market and if that’s not enough, we’ve got in-house developers. That means, if you need a reporting feature we don’t have you can tell your Voluum Account Manager, and we can make it just for you. 

Full Transparency

Yap, that’s right. With Voluum DSP you have full insight into the traffic you buy: site domains / widget IDs / application names and the approval process. Every visit you buy has data down to the IP. It’s in our best interest to share all the information we have on traffic quality so your campaigns have the best chance at success.

Compliance and Optimization Services

Most advertisers hate hearing the word “compliance”. They usually think of it as the creative police telling them their ads are banned. Not in this case. The Compliance Team at Voluum DSP polices campaigns to make sure they are under regulations with publishers, but also negotiate better deals and prices for our advertisers. 

As a bonus, the Compliance team also works to optimize traffic from our supply partners. Why? Well, we don’t sell all the traffic made available to us, we provide our advertisers with the best traffic we can find and optimized prices.

Exceptional Support

The dedicated Account Managers at Voluum DSP are available for help starting from campaign setup to traffic optimization and search for new offers. Our Account Managers are always looking for the latest trends in placements, offer verticals, and traffic sources. So reach out to your Account Manager for routine insights. They have the best insider information as well as recommendations from our supply partners. 

Over and above, we know time is money. Hence we offer 24/7 Campaign Approval. This way we make sure your time isn’t spent waiting for your campaign to be approved because we’ll get it running within a few hours.

Final remarks

No doubts that programmatic advertising platforms such as DSPs are essential for creating successful campaigns. We can guarantee that by siding with Voluum DSP you are siding with the only demand-side platform you will ever need.

Don’t wait any longer and make your ad budget work better and smarter – not harder. 

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